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Renault Duster Crash Test Rating. Sold with Smaller Airbag in India

Renault Duster Crash Test Rating. Sold with Smaller Airbag in India

Renault Duster Crash Test Rating as highlighted by NCAP shows concern of Smaller Airbag in Indian Renault Duster with Position of Airbag does not offer adequate Protection


Renault Duster Crash Test Rating

Renault – French Auto Maker is in its 6th Year of Operations in Indian Market. There been many ups and down of Renault in Indian Market.

Ups:- Huge Success for Duster, Huge Thumbs up Success for Renault Kwid

Down: Featuring in Rock Bottom in both JD Power Customer satisfaction & JD Power Sales Satisfaction Index with Kwid Failing in Massively in Crash Test


JD Power Customer Satisfaction IndexJD Power SSI Report 2016

But the Recent Incident has posed in New Lows. Global NCAP came with Crash test Result of Renault Duster and as per it, Renault Duster as sold in India has a smaller Airbag than than Duster sold in International Market and the position of Airbag as sold in India as against International Markets does not offer adequate protection.

The Crash Test Rating

Global NCAP Star Rating of Duster Adult Occupant Protection Child Occupant Protection
Renault Duster without Airbag 0 2
Renault Duster with Airbag 3 2

Out come of  Crash Test Rating of Duster – A Smaller airbag limits the protection to driver and in case of frontal collision – there is high probability that the head of driver may not contact airbag and may directly impact on the steering wheel resulting in heavy injuries

This is shocking for a Manufacturer to offer differentiation in Size of Airbag in Indian Cars as against International Model. As per Global NCAP – the Duster Sold in International Market has larger Airbag which offer adequate protection to head and chest

Refer this Presentation Video

Duster without Airbag infact Scored Zero on Crash Test Rating indicating life threatening injuries in frontal collision with speed of 64 Kmph and above. Even the body structure is mentioned Unstable in the Presentation Video of NCAP.

Its estimated that Renault India is close to selling 2 Lakh Duster in Indian Market and in terms of Safety Features –

» Renault Duster Standard and RXE – No Airbags

» Renault Duster RXL – Driver Side Airbag

» Renault Duster RXZ (and now recently launched Duster RXS) – Dual Front Airbags

Shocking is while Duster Standard and RXE performs very poor in Crash test rating, even the Duster RXL and RXZ with Airbag comes with a smaller Airbag.

A Statement yet awaited from Renault India - but there are certain Outcome of NCAP Crash Test Rating

1. Is there no Guideline by ARAI on Size of Airbag ?

2. What is Leading Manufacturer to Differentiate on Airbag Size as Sold in Latin Countries and India

3. Who is responsible for allowing such Anomaly - for Offering Better Protection in form of Airbag as sold in Latin Countries and Offering Lesser Protection in form of Airbag to Indian Consumers

What ever it is - This is highly disappointing for consumers who have shown trust in Renault Brand and the Fact that Indian Market has the highest Accident Mortality Rates in the World with more than 10000 People losing lives in Road Accidents every month in India


Renault Duster Recommendation

However good the Suspension it, Ride and Handling in All Wheel Drive, Stability

But Compromising Safety by Offering in Smaller Airbag is not something which can be expected from Auto Maker, Its more like making mockery of Safety Features as sold in Cars,

A Public Statement from Renault is much expected explaining the reasons for the difference in Airbag Size in Indian and Latin Version of Duster and explain on same how is Safety different for Indian Consumers and Latin Country Consumers.

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