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Car Air Purifier. Best Air Purifier to fight with Pollution, Smog for Clean Air

Car Air Purifier. Best Air Purifier to fight with Pollution, Smog for Clean Air

Are you worried about Rising Pollution and Haphazard of same. Know Best Car Purifier with Hepa Filter, Ionizer for removing Pollution, Smog in Car


Best Car Air Purifier

Every one is concerned of high Pollution levels. Delhi and some other Indian cities are topping the chart in Global list of world most Polluted cities. It’s a Deadly trap in which we all are stuck in.

People who drive in 1 to 2 hour or even more are considerably impacted by ill effects of the Air Pollution, and slowly and steadily are getting in grasp of life threatening diseases.

But is there a solution?

Before knowing the solution, Let us tell you the science of Air Pollution and understand about Ions

The world is made up of Atoms. These atoms when grouped in are known as Ions. There are 2 types of Ions – Positive Ions (based on Positive Electron of Atoms) and Negative Ions (based on Negative Electron of atoms).

Positive Ions are caused due to Dust, Pollution in Air, while Negative Ions are there as inherent part of Sunlight, Water and earth inherent radiation.

1. Positive Ions are usually Co2 which have negative impact on Human Body by impacting Lungs, Respiratory and Immune system. The Positive Ions are generally inhaled with the pollution in air and once the same inhaled on recurrent basis causes respiratory, allergies and irritation with severe impact on Human Immune system.

When we drive in car – which remained indoor with all glasses up, we are limiting Negative Ions but allowing the air pollution in form of positive ion to enter in car and can significantly impact in our health due to contaminated air as breath in. With Increased road pollution, driving in traffic for hours – we are slowly and steadily deteriorating our health, which will have far negative implications on a longer term.

2. Negative Ions from Sunlight, Water, Earth radiation tries to minimize the impact of Positive Ion and act a stimulant to Health, Anti–Depressant, Boost of Energy, Mood, decrease air borne virus and relaxing effect on Human Body. The smell feel is what like you in pleasant monsoon season which is filled with joyous mood.

There are 2 Ways through which the impact of Positive Ions can be minimized using

1. Using Ionizer

2. Hepa Air Purifier with Filter 


1. Using Ionizer for Car

Ionizer releases negative Ions. What Happens when Negative Ions combine with Positive Ions. As when negative Ion combine with Positive Ion – this causes germs, pollutants to be so heavier that they fall on surface of earth rather than causing them to be airborne

The Pollution (Positive Ions) is what directly or indirectly been attributed to be created by Human being, and fortunately is now a solution created where even Negative Ions are created using Ionizer

Car Ionizer uses an electrical charge to produce stream of negative ions which can help in negating the impact of positive ions, by either causing pollutants to stick to car floor surface or absorb and collect near electric charged collection plate in the ionizer. This thus eventually helps in the cleaning the air quality which you breathe and reduce pollutants to considerable extent which may enter in lungs.

Car Ionizer are plugged in car 12v socket and emits in negative ions to negate the position ions as otherwise flowing in the air The Impact is so strong that within minutes you can find your mood to be refreshing due to negative ions as released by these ionizer and its proven

See this Video - how quickly can Ionizer removes smoke


Be Careful in Picking Car Ionizer

However Important is:  Do not use Cheap Quality Ionizer. as cheap quality ionizer produce in ozone which may contrary cause in more health problems and can do rather more harm than good

Unfortunately - there are no good known branded Car Ionizer known for sale in India and in event of buying an Ionizer which is not trusted can end up with producing Ozone in car which may rather be detrimental to health, Its advisable to rather go in for Car Air Purifier with Hepa Filter 


2. Using Car Air Purifier with Hepa filter

Hepa Filter cleans Air by trapping in contaminant in Air including Impurities, Dust Particles and Particulate through its advanced Hepa Filter. Basically it sucks the impurities so that only clean Air remains in the Area. The Hepa Filter is the main technology which is what effective in removing PM 2.5 dust, pollen, harmful gases 

Its rather easy to use Air Purifer as what Ionizer is by connecting Power Cable to 12v Socket of Car and put in either on Dashboard or if have real socket then put it on Rear Parcel Tray.

Also, The contaminated air passes through a

  • Pre-filter,
  • HEPA Filter
  • Black Active carbon filter,
  • UV Lamp

and some Air Purifier also comes with an Ionizer which then releases negative ions into the air, allowing the removal of dust particles

Buy Online: Its easy to install Air Purifier as can be directly connected to USB Port and good to go

1. Ansio Air Purifier: Its Compact Design with Multi Stage Purification with Ionizer makes it good to go


Honeywell Move Pure or Philips GoPure - costs around Rs 6000 to Rs 7000

2. Buy HoneyWell Move Pure  - Cost Rs 6500 

3.  Buy Philips Go Pure      Cost Rs 6700

The Filters are considered to have life of around 300 to 350 hours and if you drive in say 90 minutes a day, can use in this Purifier for good 8 to 9 Months. 

Dont Look anywhere else other than Honeywell, Ansio and Philips costs anywhere around Rs 6000 to Rs 7000. In terms of Maintenance - the replacement cost of Hepa Filter has to be in which costs around Rs 1000

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