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Are DRL Lights Useful. Best Brands, Prices, Utility in India

Are DRL Lights Useful. Best Brands, Prices, Utility in India

DRL, effectively known as Day Time Running Lights are now turning out to be a new craze in India. Know how useful are DRL for Safety, Styling with Best Brands, Prices


DRL Lights

DRL are now getting Popular in Indian market. Pitched by Manufacturers and Dealers for Styling and Safety, it costs anywhere above Rs 10000 plus, if you choose to go with Manufacturer Certified DRL as accessory. But are Day Time running lights useful, know more

Primary Function of DRL

1. To ensure better visibility for Oncoming Vehicles especially in Low Light Condition

2. Enhances the Visual Appeal of car. DRL are known for adding on Styling Element too

Though – the visual appeal factor is one, which is based on Individual Perception. But are DRL useful as safety element in Indian conditions

DRL is essentially very useful in Countries where they don’t get ample sunlight throughout the year. Like Scotaland, Northen Ireland, Sweden, Norway, UK. – where for most of the season of year the sunlight is lower with days seems gloomier and day time running lights are especially useful as safety feature while driving

However for Indian road conditions – there is Ample Sunlight in most of locations in India . The visibility gets lower only for some handful of days of winter season. So – if you care for an additional safety for drive having lower the visibility of Sunlight, Day Time Running Lights may just be useful and can be an additional safety feature.

Some Myths around DRL

1. It Illuminate the road while driving – No, absolutely wrong perception, For illuminating roads - the car has headlights. DRL are only useful for better visibility of your car to other car driver in low light conditions.

2. The Glare is so strong as it blinds the driver on other side – No, absolutely in no way DRL can do same, unles the bulbs are of inferior quality and do same. Rather, the driver on of other car will admire in the beauty and styling.

3. Can impact in Car Battery Life – No way with Branded one, the Bulbs require very less watt (around 3 watt per bulb) and combined consumption of all DRL bulb say for 10 Bulbs is even less (30 watt) than one Fog Light (requiring 35 Watt)


Prices and DRL Brand

Prices: In terms of Prices, DRL are now offered as accessory in almost all Manufacturer certified accessory. It cost somewhere from Rs 10000 to Rs 15000 - if you go for fitment of same as accessory from Maruti, Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, Ford, Volkswagen

Though its best to get Manufacturer recommended accessory for DRL as it keeps the warranty intact, but if you keen for aftermarket solution – then the

1. Leader in lighting Solutions – Philips is what you should consider, alternately

2. Hella DRL is another descent brand may consider in

The packet comes with Separate Wiring Harness, Fuses, Connectors, Mounting brackets, control units and is straight away simple and ease of installation with warranty.

In terms of Prices - it costs in range of Rs 8000 to Rs 9000 for these LED DRL from Philips while from Hella it costs in range of Rs 6000 to Rs 8000 with prices varies based on styling. The Warranty generally last in range of 3 year to 5 years

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Guest - Calvin Macaraeg on Wednesday, 06 December 2017 11:58

This is a nicest articles for them who are using LED light.Thanks for your articles.

This is a nicest articles for them who are using LED light.Thanks for your articles.
Saturday, 23 June 2018

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