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Upcoming Cars in 2013 in America. New Car Launches Expected in USA

Upcoming Cars in 2013 in America. New Car Launches Expected in USA

Know New Upcoming Car Launches for American Market in 2013. Know a Glimse of Upcoming Launches in 2013 USA with Engine Specifications


Upcoming Car Launches in 2013 for American Market


Acura ILX - To come in 2 Lit 150 BHP and 2.4 Lit 201 BHP

BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe - Powerhouse 3 Lit , 6 Cylinder Engine with 315 BHP Power. Also to come in Super V8 Engine in Automatic Transmission with 445 BHP

BMW X1 - Already been launched in Indian Market, X1 to come in American Market in 2013. However X1, to come in 4 Cylinder 240 BHP Power and also to come in 6 Cylinder 300 BHP Power

Cadillac ATS - Going to come in 3 Engine in 200 BHP, 270 BHP and 320 BHP in V6 Engine

Cadillac XTS - 3.6 Lit Engine in 300 BHP of Power

Chevrolet Spark - Unlike Indian market where Spark comes in 1 Lit Engine. In US - Chevy Spark to come in 1.2 Lit Engine with 85 BHP of Power

Ford C Max Hybrid - To come in 2 Lit, C Max Hybrid will be Eco-Friendly Car and will also be available in Electric Charge Option

Infinity JX - Comes in V6 3.5 Cylinder Engine in 265 BHP Power

Mazda Cx5 - Compact SUV in 2 Lit Engine in 155 BHP Power

Subaru XV - A Crossover SUV to come in 2 Lit 148 BHP Power

Hyundai Veloster Turbo - 1.6 Lit 200 BHP Power

Dodge Dart RT - 2.4 Lit 184 BHP Power

SRT Viper - Most Advanced V10 Engine with 640 BHP of Power

Chevy Sonic RS - 1.4 Lit in 138 BHP Power

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