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Mahindra TUV300 Ownership Review. Owner Take on Positives, Negatives

Mahindra TUV300 Ownership Review. Owner Take on Positives, Negatives

Mahindra TUV300 100 BHP Owner Review on Positives and Negatives of SUV. Know what Mahindra TUV300 MHawk Diesel Engine Performance, Specs


Mahindra TUV300 Ownership Review

Biggest Plus Points of TUV300

» Sophisticated Looks. Whether you Hate it or love it. I love the Build and looks of the car

» Massive Space in Second Row with even 3 Bulky People can Enjoy Sitting. Leg room and Shoulder room space is Phenomenal. Also has Good Bottle Holder Smart Space in Cabin. So, if you are well build Family from Punjabi or Haryana - you may just love TUV300 for the kind of space it offers.

» I converted the rear two seats to bed with an extra plywood sheet which helps my kids to sleep during long drives and the space below the plywood sheet resting on two seats is used for luggage

» Comfortable in City drive. No need to change gears, even in top gear reducing speed does work well

» Big Side ORVM, Good Ground Clerance are other Plus Points of this SUV

» Voice messages warning when doors are open, driving with hand brake etc are very Useful

» Space for luggage under second row seat and front row seats too, makes it good for taking on Family Luggage at ease

TUV300 Negatives

» Eco mode buttons under the steering not visible,

» Can feel in the noise in Cabin. After upgrading from Maruti Suzuki Car and a Petrol one - yes felt the diesel Engine Noise

» When you tilt the steering indicator lights and other few lights in the front meter are not visible

TUV 300 Mileage

Getting Mileage of 13 kmpl in normal mode and around 15 to 16 Kmpl in Economy Mode


Another Owner Brief Experience on TUV300

The power in TUV300 100 BHP is superb, you will never feel out of power. Space - front row and second row, ultimate space. Even 3 bulky /healthy people can sit comfortably. 3rd row jump seat, wow kids love that seat and good space for baggage.

Simply sitting position is so good that you and others vehicles will have huge difference.


Another Owner Experience on TUV300

Mahindra TUV300 is altogether a different vehicle - when compared with Ford Ecosport or Maruti Vitara Brezza or NuvoSport. Its 100 BHP Power in AMT Automatic in Diesel is real value Buy which no other SUV Offers.

If you compare and look for Features like - Automatic Climate Control, Touchscreen Music System, Rear Seat AC Vent, Navigation or even advanced Safety Features of 6 Airbags or ESP - then its all miss in Mahindra TUV300. Even Power Window Switches on Front are not at Door Panel.

But - The SUV in 100 BHP Power performs fairly well on Ghats, City Traffic and is Safe with Build Quality. The Torque Output at low RPM is good with clean Pickup. Though its a 3 Cylinder Diesel Engine - but expect no lag of Power especially if you upgrading from a previously owner Maruti or Hyundai or Tata Car. The SUV feels safe and secure to drive and feel the experience


For More Details on Mahindra TUV300

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Guest - Ravinder Saini on Thursday, 20 October 2016 17:34

I have just buy the new TUV 300,100 bhp MT.
Found it easy to drive even in Delhi's congested road.

I have just buy the new TUV 300,100 bhp MT. Found it easy to drive even in Delhi's congested road.
Guest - Vijay on Monday, 26 September 2016 05:02

Is TUV the strongest car in the segment

Is TUV the strongest car in the segment
Sunday, 28 February 2021

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