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Mahindra XUV500 Automatic Ownership Review. Owner Experience on XUV Automatic

Mahindra XUV500 Automatic Ownership Review. Owner Experience on XUV Automatic

Mahindra XUV500 Automatic Ownership Review in India. Owner Experience Shared including Performance Review, Handling, Drive, Mileage Aspect with Positives, Negatives


Mahindra XUV500 Automatic Ownership Review

First Owner: I drove 10000 kms in Mahindra XUV500 W10 4x4 automatic.

It's smooth and a real boon to drive in bumper to bumper Mumbai traffic. However don't expect punch in heavy traffic. similar to manual gear, but the SUV manages very well with its asin transmission auto gear system.

On highway drive, I have observed much easy while negotiating frequent overtake and the acceleration. It feels even better then the manual transmission. All you need to punch a accelerator or break paddle. In my view if u travel more then 50% in city traffic then it make wiser decision. it's a best comfort feature to enjoy

Mahindra XUV500 Interior

Another Owner Feedback on XUV500: I have XUV500 W10 Front Wheel Drive automatic and drove all the way from Himachal to Mumbai. M&M has done a fantastic job in terms of introducing world class auto transmission technology.

I completely agree, its a boon in city traffic and for long journeys. Initially i had a doubt on the pick up and performance as i had never owned an automatic vehicle before, but i was wrong. The pick up is great. You really wont feel any change in acceleration when compared to manual transmission.

Another Owner Feedback on XUV500: I am using XUV500 Auto transmission. And there is nothing like it. You cannot comment on anything and everything unless u have experienced it. Auto gear shifting is smooth and can feel the power machine roaring once u hit the accelerator. Its best to experience the super fine feel of XUV500 Automatic

The Downside is when compared XUV500 Automatic with Manual is relative higher Engine Noise Levels, which yes irritates


Expert Feedback on XUV500 Automatic

» The Monocque Design, Steering Dynamics along with option of 4x4 Automatic at a very competitive Price with Linear Pickup and yet competent Performer on Highways - makes it a SUV which every Car Buyer an love to Drive

» Ride Quality feel of this SUV, Impeccable handling and Top of Line Features is to a driver delight.

» Second Row Space is Immense and if you going to use it as 5 Seater SUV - you are going to witness in One of the Most Spacious Cars of the segment

» XUV500 Automatic Transmission Oil do not need a replacement atleast till 1.5 Lakh Kms. So - this is one of the biggest boon as Transmission Fluid replacement matters the most in Automatic Cars and creates hassle free Experience


» Despite Buying an Expensive Car in range of 17 Lakh to 20 Lakh - the Mahindra Service Center and Niggle Free Ownership from Mahindra is yet a question. Though for Confidence - Mahindra is offering Total Warranty including Extended Warranty for 5 Years

» Slight Higher Noise Levels in Mid Range. Not Ultra Smooth in Noise levels. Comparing with Creta Diesel and Creta yet remains bechmark in same

» Not the best Fuel Efficient Car. Low Mileage will remain in Concern

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