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Tata Tiago Diesel Ownership Review. Positives, Negative Experience Shared

Tata Tiago Diesel Ownership Review. Positives, Negative Experience Shared

Tata Tiago Diesel Ownership Review after driving 2500 Kms. Here with sharing the experience from Owner on his feeling on Owning Tata Tiago XZ Diesel


Tata Tiago Diesel Ownership Review

Model: Tata Tiago XZ Diesel

Driven: 2500 Kms

Previous Car Owned: Tata Indica


Tata Tiago Diesel Positives

» Looks: First and foremost thing which pulled me towards Tiago is the look. Among the hatchbacks , i feel that Tiago has a young look. Feeling of a college youngster among the uncles(Celerio , I10 kwid etc ). The front view makes it a look like a big sedan

Am from a village where people always call any hatchback as SOAP DAPPA (Soap box). Irrespective of the brand any hatch is called so by my villagers.

But when they saw my Tiago , they were all a bit satisfied saying that Tiago not a SOAP DAPPA and it looks bigger.

First obstacle crossed. Got good reviews from hard core critics of hatches. 

Apart from that when i was Driving in cities , I was asked abt it by some other car owners. Their first question " Is it really a TATA product? ". Lot of people raised their eyebrows when they saw the TATA symbol on TIAGO.

So overall , lookwise am very much satisfied.

» Interiors: Its way over other hatches. The placement of buttons , cup holders, bottle holders are awesome. From the driver seat , everything is in your reach. I think Tata guys designed the car by people who drive the cars, and not by some automotive engineers and designers who sit at the back of a BMW OR AUDI (they dont understand the needs of the person Driving.)

Steering mounted controls are reachable with your fingers as needed. No need to stretch your hands or fingers. Horn also reachable easily.

Same goes for lights n wiper controls. Though initially i had to sit n learn the wiper controls as its a combined unit.

Phone functions are clear and simple. My dad who doesn't use any electronic gadgets easily learnt the usage of phone controls. Its very plain n simple. I dont have to look into the phone functions while Driving. I can easily operate the system being a driver when the car is at 120 kmph on a highway

I read some reviews that the space at the back is not enough for 3 adults. Those are wrong. TATA means SPACE. The space at rear is equal to INDICA (I own an INDICA.) Which means Tiago offers the best space among the hatches.

The cabin is kind of airy n roomy. You dont feel congested inside the cabin. People who have travelled in Swift knows whats congestion.

The view from the driver seat is magnificent. Usually in hatches , we have a feeling of sitting inside a hole n peeking outside whereas in Tiago , feeling is like a BOSS. Side view is also quite big. The front windshield looks very big when compared to celerio or i10. Pls dont compare Kwid with tiago at all...

» Ride Quality and Handling: This is another thing Tata has pulled of well. I drove the Tiago straight 600kms. Alone, end of the day , I didn't feel tired or exhausted. On highways , Tiago flows like water. And the flow is solid. I felt like implanted to the road.

I have to mention about the corner stability program here. At 120 kmph , in a curved highway , I didn't reduce the speed n wanted to know how it feels. The car gave me confidence at that point. And once i tried to apply mild brake in that speed on a curve and the car didn't give any jerks. 

So on a highway at high speeds , in a curve if we suddenly notice a truck moving slowly in your lane , we can apply brakes without any hesitancy.

» Noise and Vibration Levels: I dont know about Petrol, as own Tata Tiago Diesel. Earlier i used to own Tata Indica - so from my experience - Noise level Inside the cabin is very less (acceptable). Even At 130 kmph there is very less noise both engine n wind noise. Happy with it

Gear is very smooth. NO Vibrations at any point. Idle or any gear n any speed. Lot of people are talking abt it. I never felt any vibration. The gear push is a bit lengthy which makes u feel that u are changing the gear. Only thing is to adjust the rpm n clutch so that we dont get any vibration .

» Engine and Gear: No technical blah blahs. Just somethings i noticed .

3rd gear is very useful in traffic of around 20 kmph speed. I was able to manage that traffic in 3rd gear itself without coming down to 2nd gear. 20 to 50 kmph speed can be easily managed by 3rd gear. 

Power of the engine is less when compared to Swift. (Am not into the technical comparison of cylinders). In city traffic , we need to push the throttle to make quick manoeuvres. The acceleration seems to be less.

In city traffic , 2nd gear seems to be correct for such quick acceleration. Whereas in highways 3rd gear is good for quick overtaking at speeds around 50kmhr. Thats for overtaking trucks in a line kind of traffic with changing lanes.

At 5th gear after 2400 rpm, there seems to be a power surge. At that point i felt as if suddenly there is some wierd power from the engine. Speedwise after 90 kmph , the acceleration is quick until 130kmhr.


Tata Tiago Negatives

1. AC Vents: Small drawback is none of the AC vents can be completely closed. And the vents for driver legs are blowing straight to clutch n accelerator pedal. So at highways, when we dont use clutch much , our left leg wont get ac blower.

2. Pedals: The three pedals are quite nearby so if we are using a big sandals or woodland kind of shoes , when we apply brakes , the acceleration pedal will also be touched definitely.

3. Not for Enthusiast Taste: Tata Tiago Diesel may not be good for people who look out for fun , accelerating n peppy driving on highways. Final feeling on engine is that its a good car for a family or anyone who wants a smooth n decent drive.

4. Dead Pedal: The dead pedal is placed somewhere far far away so its of no use.

5. Fabric attract lot of Dust: The fabric on the floor accumulates lot of dust. Hard to clean so i am planning to do floor lamination.


Other Points about Tata Tiago Features:

1. Headlights are quite good for highway driving as well as village roads. The width of the throw level adjuster in low beam is large making it useful for people with different habits.

2. Doors are solid. Am not boasting or exaggerating but let me tell u something which made me proud. My cousin bought BRV on the same day i took delivery of my Tiago. So after a day or two we planned to meet n see each other's cars. He opened my Tiagos door and the next thing he did was to go back to his BRV n tried to open n close the doors. Then he said that the Tiagos doors are solid n much better than BRV. I felt the same. I have seen such solid doors in VW POLO.

3. If u leave the headlights switched on and take out the key n leave the car, it gives a continuous beep sound.

4. When engine is off , If u forget the key in the slot n leave the car , again it gives a continuous beep sound. Very usefull for ppl who forget the key inside the car.

5. Seat belt alarm is in 2 stages. Initial alarm is slow beep, then after about a minute strong n fast beep sound. And the alarm stops in abt 3 minutes.

6. Speed dependent door lock works fine. One thing i noticed is once the car s stopped n if someone tries to open the door before the driver unlocks the door ( pulling the pin in driver door) , that particular door lock gets jammed. Meaning even after the driver door lock is opened , that particular door lock is still engaged. So the pin on that particular door needs to be pulled to open the door. I think that is how the locks are designed so that kids dont rush out of the car. Child lock available on both doors at the rear.

7. Harman system is... am wordless on that. Everyone asked me how much i spent extra for that music system. They could not accept the fact that its from TATA.

8. Connectnext app works good but it is not needed unless we want to use maps for navigation. For regular phone calls n music , any bluetooth enabled phone will do...

9. Changing of music source in steering is quite useful apart from volume n playlist controls.

10. Mute button in steering is very usefull. One touch when we need to concentrate on something else.

11. AC is very powerful. In Tamilnadu where the temperatures are high, no 2 blower speed is enough to keep the cabin comfortable. Night time we cannot use number 2 speed. As its quite powerful, no 1 is enough. Actually i had to increase the temperature at night time. 



In city traffic , i got 21kmpl in CITY mode.

On highways got 23.5kmpl in CITY mode.

On highways got 26kmpl in ECO mode.

All the above figures are before first service. I didnt try tank full method yet. Waiting for a chance to do the same.


Overall Recommendation

Am very much happy with the overall performance of the car.

And I have a feeling that i made the correct choice of choosing Tiago when everyone whom i met asked me not to go for TATA product giving all weird reasons.

Credits: Arun Pradhan Experience as shared

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