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Indian Driving License is Valid to drive Car in America, Europe, Australia

Indian Driving License is Valid to drive Car in America, Europe, Australia

10 Countries where Indian Driving License is accepted and allowed to drive cars including Germany, USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, France, Canada and other Countries Internationally


Indian Driving License is accepted Internationally

India - the Biggest Democracy in the World has a special presence not only as fastest growing Economy but also known for Diversity by having maximum religions practiced here yet with equality and love

Every 6th Person in the World is from Indian Origin. 

Indians are one of the most frequent travellers Internationally and often found spending Holidays or for Official work. Whatever - the reason is, we Indians love driving on own and what if we get a chance to drive on beautiful highways of USA and Europe - it would be like icing on the cake.


Know Countries where Indian License is accepted Globally and is Valid

Some Important - License with Computerized Details (no Handwritten License is Valid)

Clear and Legible - All Details should be clear and legible including Name, Address, Validity etc

For Translation in Local Language of France, New Zealand, Germany - You may need Certified Translated copy of License from Embassy - so may contact them accordingly.

North America Cheers for those travelling to USA and Canada. Yes - Indian license is valid in America and Canada provided the license is in English. Also at the Airport - US Authorities will stamp in the Passport which may server in purpose of I-94 (as mandate for driving) or may ask them at Airport Visa Check to stamp in I-94 so that you can drive in easily in America. Needless to mention - Passport should be there along with Driving License to drive car there
Driving in Europe Feel to drive on beautiful London, Paris, Berne, Swiss roads. Cheers again, as Indian License is acceptable to drive in England, France, Germany, Switzerland and Norway. In London though - Catch is Light Motor Vehicle in form of Small Cars or Bikes will be allowed to be driven. While there is no such restriction in other Countries. However - driving Cars in Paris or Berne in Germany needs Transalation which can well be obtained through Indian Embassy or if want to play safe then from India get International Driving Permit which can be obtained by submitting application
Australia Australia has different rule across different cities - Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne. Some cities allow Indian Driving License while for some International Driving Permit is needed. Its best to contact in Embassy or Local Cab Operator to check for norms. Similarly for New Zealand too where even Transalated license copy also needs to be obtained from Embassy or else IDR Permit is allowed
Africa South Africa is the only Country in Africa where driving a car based on Indian License is Permitted. However - similar to norms as in Australia - rules varies across Cities like Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg to others. Its best to check whether an International Driving Permit is required or can an Indian license allowed to be driven.


Left Hand Driven and Right Hand Driven Countries

USA Right Hand Driven   England Left Hand Driven
Germany Right Hand Driven   Australia Left Hand Driven
France Right Hand Driven   NewZealand Left Hand Driven
Switzerland Right Hand Driven   South Africa Left Hand Driven
Norway Right Hand Driven      


International Driving License Requirements

In case of International Driving License - one is required to submit in

» Medical Certificate Form 1A

» Form 4A for application of International Driving License

» 3 Passport Photographs

» Driving License & Passport Copy

» Visa Copy & Air Ticket copies - if available 

» Appropriate Fees for International Driving Permit - approx Rs 1000 and valid for 1 year

It generally takes anywhere from 2 to 4 Weeks for issuance of International Driving License.


Indian License is Not Valid to Drive in - Other Asian Countries and South America

Surprisingly, Indian license is no longer valid in all other countries in Asia including Nepal even. For driving in nearby countries Nepal, Bangladesh or to tourist places like HongKong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand - one needs International Driving License

For South America - Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia - Indian License is not valid and one needs International Driving License

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