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Honda Jazz Diesel Ownership Review. 9000 Kms Driven

Honda Jazz Diesel Ownership Review. 9000 Kms Driven

Honda Jazz Diesel Ownership Review. Know Experience of Owner in driving Jazz Diesel with Noise, Vibration, Performance, Actual Mileage, Issues


Honda Jazz Diesel Ownership Review

Below is Review of Honda Jazz Diesel after been driven 9000 Kms. 

Positives of Honda Jazz Diesel

» Rock solid and still like Brand New

» Couple of long drives >300 kms one way but not a single hick-up

» Headlights are adequate for my requirements, I know its not for some. But in my opinion there are no issues as such.

» With respect to Popular Belief of Higher Noise and Vibration levels in 1.5 Litre IDtec Diesel Engine, I feel the sound has drastically reduced as compared to the first day. Some of my friends who own all the Maruti and Hyundai and New City even have become fans of all new Jazz low Noise and Vibration levels and smoothness. Not everyone will agree with this but its a fact.

» Excellent Mileage of around 17 Kmpl in city and has been getting around 20 to 21 kmpl on Highways and that too with 100% AC On. I would like to disclaim that I am getting lesser highway mileage in comparison with some fellow owners as I have a tendency to pull hard some times and drive beyond 110kmph. Top speed reached 160 kmph. Awaiting an opportunity to take it beyond 180 kmph. Someday. No hurries

» Music System good and adequate. Planning an active sub woofer soon. No so required for daily use but I am music freak and wud love to have one.

» Awesome space for been the best family car in the segment , do I have to say anything further???

» Loads of all new Honda Jazz on the road these days. And Lots of exchange of smiles between owners. Proud to be one of the early buyers and first movers.


Negatives of Honda Jazz Diesel

» A small rattle from the Driver-side dashboard was resolved by the SVC guys. Sometimes there are very minute rattles from dashboard (I am not at all a rash driver and take bumps/bad roads very carefully). Guess that's a design issue n not very bothersome.

» HP pendrives won't work with Honda Head Unit. Some technical mis-match. So in case u have a HP pendrive and you've been fighting with Honda for a replacement unit, try changing your pendrive.


Expert Opinion on Honda Jazz Diesel

Honda Jazz Diesel is an Excellent buy for those looking for Mileage, Best in Class Space. 1.5 Litre IDtec Diesel Engine has been known for Easy Linear Pickup. Its the same Diesel Engine now Powering BRV and City.

The Noise and Vibration levels has improved a lot in 1.5 Litre IDtec Diesel against Amaze Diesel - when launched in 3 years back.

For an Average User - The Pricing is the only Downside. Safety Specs are limited from SV Model Trim as of now and price of SV Trim, which is too close to Pricing of SUV - Vitara Brezza, Ford Ecosport.

At Price of Honda Jazz SV Diesel - one can have VW Polo Highline Diesel and Hyundai Elite I20 Diesel with more Features and Slight better Performamce Pickup. The Price of V Diesel and Vx Diesel now touches close to 10 Lakh On Road Price. The Constant price revisions of Honda Jazz - almost hiked more than 5 times in last 10 months has taken away a charm from the car

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Guest - Rohit on Saturday, 22 April 2017 10:45

Confused in Honda Jazz Vx Diesel and WRV Vx Diesel
Which is the best buy

Confused in Honda Jazz Vx Diesel and WRV Vx Diesel Which is the best buy
Sunday, 28 February 2021

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