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Maruti S Cross Ownership Review. 11000 Kms Distance Covered

Maruti S Cross Ownership Review. 11000 Kms Distance Covered

Maruti S Cross 1.3 DDIS 200 Ownership Review. Experience Shared of S Cross 11000 Kms Drive on Performance, Safety, Handling, Mileage in both City and Highway


Maruti S Cross Ownership Review

I own S Cross 1.3 Model and has covered almost 11000 kms so far.

Performance: My S Cross 1.3 Alpha, Powerful, Stylish, Superb handling, Smooth suspension. Capable to take on bad roads at ease and performs good on City drive. Did a recent long drive round trip Bangalore - Mumbai. with approx 2500 kms distance covered in the trip. Awesome road handling and wonderful steering response.

The vehicle masks the speed. Even if you are in high triple digit speed, will not realize unless and until you look at speed o meter. Also. Braking is pretty good because of the all wheel discs. Its confidence feel to drive in S Cross

AC Performance: It's pretty decent performance. Though the crossover does not come with Rear Seat AC Vents, but yes it Cool the entire cabin in couple of minutes. Please note that I have not yet experienced in extreme summer. Automatic AC Control works perfectly

Mileage: Though Initial mileage was slight lower, but now in respect to Mileage Getting 19 KmpL in Congested Bangalore traffic with 100% AC. Recently did a Bangalore - Mumbai - Bangalore round trip and got 22 kmpl. What i feel that mileage will improve over a period of time.. Also it depends upon the traffic conditions and your driving style.


Maximum Speed Attempted: I have tried 165 Kmph on NH4 Bangalore - Mumbai. Just checked it for a short duration as it is not at all advisable to drive at those speeds. Safe drive

I'm still running on stock tyres.

Issue / Problems: During high speed, it generates some noise. Other wise the tyres are OK. It's a hard compound tyre which is designed for SUVs. Alloy Wheels are dull looking, Maruti Suzuki should have really done to improve the looks of Alloy Wheels to more classy and Stylish Alloy wheels - similar to what done by Hyundai.

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Expert Comments on S Cross

Maruti Suzuki has Positioned Cross as its Top Most Premium offering in Indian Market

Build Quality: Looks and Feel the best Build Quality Car in Maruti Suzuki Portfolio for Indian Market. With all Black Interior theme, Soft Touch Dash, Class Leading Fit & Finish is what makes S Cross Premium and at par with the segment range of Cars in 10 to 12 Lakh Price

Indian Roads: Is Ideal for all Kind of Roads. With 180mm Ground Clearance and 16 Inch Wheels - you can be sure of S Cross taking over Bad Roads at Better Ease

Seating Support: If - looking for car for 4 members - S Cross has better Under Thigh Support and if has tall members in family sitting on Rear Seat - would find S Cross Comfortable. Add on the 2 Shift Recline Position can make Seating Comfortable on Long Distance 

Though - the Performance feels okay - but if you are Enthusiast lover and gets an opportunity to drive S Cross 1.6 - trust you will not look back to S Cross 1.3,  The benchmark levels of 1.6 DDIS 320 Engine is just awesome and class leading in 6 Speed Transmission

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