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Renault Duster Petrol Ownership Review. Views from 2 Owners

Renault Duster Petrol Ownership Review. Views from 2 Owners

Renault Duster Petrol Ownership Review. Know what the 2 Owners have to say about Duster Petrol Performance, Mileage, Safety Specs, Issues


Renault Duster Petrol Ownership Review

Are you considering Renault Duster Petrol, know what these 2 Owners have there comments about Renault Duster Petrol Performance including Issues


Duster Petrol Owner Review -

I have petrol. Engine is super smooth. Descent acceleration. Gives Mileage of 11 Kmpl in City / 14 Kmpl in highway. My usage is pretty low, covered in 13000 Kms in 3 yrs, which was the main reason to go for petrol.

My usage is limited to some out of bangalore trips. Since i have two cars i use Duster only if the road is bad or challenging. only issue is accelerator is cable controlled. Once it snapped and it was a bad experience.

Though there are many changes in Features and Styling of Duster in last 3 years, so am not sure of the present model whether the accelerator is cable controlled. otherwise it is smooth and easy to maintain. Anyway I don't keep a car for more than 5 yrs. I don't expect good resale value. If this suits you go for petrol.


Duster Petrol Owner Comments - Another Owner Review

If going for petrol go for RXL, it is top end. RXE less features. Engine Performance is awesome, with respect to pickup and noise, its smooth when you drive, not to be called aggressive though. Infact when a petrol version duster is waiting at a signal people wonder why no noise of engine.

The only problem am facing with my petrol duster is the mileage which is around 10kmpl otherwise its giving superb performance. 28000 Kms on odo after almost 3 yrs. Also done 1500km in 1 stretch completed in 20 hrs.

I consider duster as one of safest car, as i met with an accident with xuv500 who hit me from behind on a very high speed. I simply drove my car to service station and he has to call for towing as his engine coolant leaked and its bumper was full damaged. Saved my life.

Except standard regular servicing, no additional maintenance in last 3 yrs. Yes as compared to weight, acceleration is good. Braking is a bit sluggish so u have to take good care of brakes. My car does not has ABS, but with ABS and EBD in present models it must have improve

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Expert Comments for Advise on Renault Duster Petrol

If your usage is low, opt for a petrol version, make sure you are ok with the

» Mileage - Practically around 10 to 11 Kmpl

» Well Tuned City Performance, but dont expect the Pep and Torque which is Produced by Diesel Engine for Enthusiast Performance

» Not bother about Resale as Renault Duster is widely known for its Diesel Car Performance, may be the Petrol Engine is not marketed enough

Rest be assured of Smooth Acceleration, Build Quality, In Cabin Space, Features List, Well Tuned Suspension and Raised Ground Clearance making it apt for even bad patch roads - if have to be driven - Duster Petrol can be a descent buy provided your monthly usage is low enough at under 600 Kms / month. (Running Cost of Duster Petrol is almost Rs 6/Km in City with mileage of 10 Kmpl, while of Duster Diesel is almost Rs 3.3/Km in City with Mileage of 15 Kmpl)

Know More Details

» Renault Duster Rxe Petrol

» Renault Duster Rxl Petrol

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