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Ford Figo Titanium Diesel Ownership Review of 5000 Kms

Ford Figo Titanium Diesel Ownership Review of 5000 Kms

Ford Figo Diesel Ownership Review of Initial 5000 Kms Drive in 3 Months. Issues, Performance, Mileage of Ford Figo Titanium Diesel Car in India


Ford Figo Diesel Ownership Review

Hi All . This is my Brief Review on Ford Figo Titanium Diesel in which i have completed 5000 Kms yesterday since I took delivery in Feb 2016 first week. In respect to my usage - I have used the car on 60% highway drive and rest in city.

Problems / Issues Faced: In common I have the boot issue,bonnet noise in idling in first gear,rattling noise in back door,Average head light in nights, odometer reading on kmpl not matching with tank to tank calculation, Blower fans is not cutting off after a long drive on a hot day even after switching off the AC while shutting the engine after idling for 2 minutes.

AC Performance: My Car comes with Automatic Climate Control. Auto AC is too cold in less than 22 degree and hot if kept at 24 degree.

Mileage: In terms of Mileage for my Ford Figo Diesel - i am getting 16 to 18 kms in city and 21-22 kms in highway if driving @ 80-100 KPH.24-26 kms if driving @ 70-80 KPH. Lucky to 30 KPL before first service .

Safety: Have survived head to head collision with a bike in state highway because of ABS and Hankook tyres car stopping 70 to zero in just 6-10 feet in my Titanium. Pls note that i have changed my Stock Tyres with Hankook Tyres

Previous Car Owned: 4 cars: Premium 118 E, Indigo, Hyundai Accent and Maruti Swift

Overall Recommendation: Overall much much happy about this car from my four previous cars of Premium 118 E,Indigo,Hyundai Accent and Maruti Swift. Ford DNA is unique simply loving it.

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Another User Comments on Ford Figo Diesel

Ford Figo Diesel comes with 100 PS Power and is an excellent Peppy Hatchback to Drive in. While the Tyre Profile of 14 Inch Wheels with relative R 175/65 is tuned for Mileage, but for those considering Best in Class Grip and Handling, may upsize Tyres too 15 Inch R 195/55. Thats the same size been used by Figo in International Version range too

The advantage of having bigger wheel in case of new Figo is, this diesel engine produces instant power but the stock tires are puny to handle this, so if you upgrade, the bigger tires will give you better traction, stability, and also reduces unwanted wheel spins while braking, and also the handling will be improved around the corners.

Yes - not to miss on - the mileage lovers - can be impacted by almost 10% - but your car dynamics would improve multifold

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