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What Next after Car Delivery. Owner Guide Including Car Care Tips

What Next after Car Delivery.  Owner Guide Including Car Care Tips

Purchased in New Car in Family. Know Care Tips for your New Car with Important Checks on Speed, Maintenance, Tyre, Documents to be Carried, PUC, Warranty, Insurance


New Car Care

Owner Manual: A Car Owner Manual is like Bible of Car. Provides not only Information about Car Servicing, Functions, Warning Sign - but also let know Parts under Warranty Coverage.

Spare Time to go through Owner Manual. It actually is a good way to know about Car Hazard Indicators, Fuel Tank Capacity, Air Pressure and Basic Control Functions. Also - can know Services which are required to be done during Scheduled Servicing and avoid in money minting tasks of Workshops - charging for things as not required.


Documents Checklist:  Ensure that you always Carry these documents in your New Car

» Insurance Cover Note : The Validity of Cover note is 60 Days. However, best and reliable option is to take Insurance Policy

Match on Vehicle Model with Fuel Type, Engine Number, Chassis Number, Car Model, Hypothecation, Owner Name - matching with Vehicle records - so that no Endorsement or Cancellation

» RTO Receipt or RC : RTO Receipt with Tax Paid to RTO is valid for 90 Days. Generally RC (aka Smart Card) comes in 45 to 60 days (based on RTO). Ensure you have Smart Card carried in your Car as soon as you get in.

If Moving out of State - have Invoice, RTO Receipt, Insurance Policy with you Mandatory

» Important Contact Numbers : 24x7 Road Side Assistance, Dealer Workshop, Dealer Showroom Manager and Couple of Important Contacts on Piece of Paper and be there with Vehicle Documents. You never know - when you require a contingency help or assistance.

» Driving License - Needless to mention - Mandatory Legal Document for carrying DL in Original while driving Car.

Important: PUC Certificate is not required for 1st Year in New Cars. No Need of Getting Pollution Check for New Car. Its required for Vehicles only post completion of 12 month. Know PUC Details for New Car


Driving the Car for Initial 1000 Kms: A new car takes time to accustom - the Engine, Piston, Fuel Lines - all takes time to lubricate and initial mileage will be low. There is a statement - which you might heard of in Old Times from your Mechanic - 'कार रवा होने मे समय लगता है' . It still holds True. As a General Cycle, its best

» For Initial 200 Kms: Its a new Baby. Be Gentle to it and Try not to Cross in Speed of 60 Km/hr and / or 2000 rpm. Also avoid in Sudden Brakes

» From 200 Km to 1000 Kms: Try to Limit Speed upto 80 Km/hr and advisory to not to exceed 2500 RPM

Then can take on car to throttle experience, still its best if Speed of 100 Km/hr with 3000 rpm is retained for not only Fuel Efficiency, but to prevent any unnecessary Strain to Car Engine - till the Oil Change Happens.


General Checks

» Fuel Refill: Never wait for Fuel Warning Light to Glow up - to refill Fuel. Its no good - as dirt in fuel tends to settle down. Always, make an attempt to refill Fuel - at atleast 30% been left. Dont wait for Fuel to deplete off

Advisable to refill Fuel in Early Mornings - due to Density Reasons

» Tyre Pressure: Best to check in Tyre Pressure on Weekly Basis. A car with low air pressure will tend to skid along and takes extra effort from engine to move on and hence drop on the mileage of the car significantly even to tune of 10% to even worse down to 15%


Be Aware of

Driving on Water Logged Roads (> 1 Feet): Try to Avoid Driving on Water Logged Areas or worse affected by Flood. If by any chance the Vehicle gets Stopped after driving in deep water, do not make repeat attempts to turn on Ignition again - It can potentially lead to Hydro-Static Lock (a very expensive repair in Lakhs) and is neither covered in Warranty and nor even in Zero Depreciation Plan (unless an add on Engine Protector Plan is additionally) taken of. Call Roadside Assistance to get Car Towed

Outside Accessory Fitment: Can Potentially lead to Warranty getting Void - if any Electrical Accessories are been added, which may involved modification or original Car Wiring. Even - some Manufacturers also take on Tyre Upsize as potential reason of Warranty been void - on pretext that Suspension Dynamics, Shocker get impacted and car steering Handling also gets impacted - leading all to unnecessary Impact to Car Engine Performance.

Long Term AC Effectiveness Tips: If your Car is not Equipped with Cabin AC Pollen Filter, its best to fit in same. Costs Rs 350 - 500. Not only it prevent dirt from entering cabin but also prove useful in Long Lasting AC Effectiveness. Also - advisable to not to switch on AC - during first minute of drive and turn off the AC Switch - atleast 30 seconds before reaching destination. Its Useful in long lasting AC Effectiveness

Service Schedule Interval: Its important to know Service Schedule and follow them on time. Thats the best way to maintain Vehicle - provided all scheduled servicings done on time and from Authorized Workshop

Night Driving: If you are one among those - who travel in late evenings. Its best to choose in Xtreme Vision Bulbs by Phillips or Osram. Not only - its Plug and Play - wherein no external relay is required, but also proves to be better in headlight clarity. Also - Auto Dimming IRVM prove useful in preventing Glare in Internal Rear View Mirror. Know - Useful Car Accessories

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Important: If you seek advise or recommendation, pls raise query in Car Forum instead of posting in comments


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Guest - Joshua Mendiola on Friday, 01 February 2019 17:02

This articles just hook me in with just the first paragraph ! So informative and helpful.

This articles just hook me in with just the first paragraph ! So informative and helpful.
Guest - daksee on Tuesday, 18 July 2017 23:57

thanks for your . guide ,.

[b]thanks for your . guide ,.[/b]
Guest - KP on Tuesday, 25 April 2017 21:16

Very helpful tips. Thanks

Very helpful tips. Thanks
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