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Maruti Ciaz Diesel Owner Review. Positives and Negatives of Ciaz Diesel

Maruti Ciaz Diesel Owner Review. Positives and Negatives of Ciaz Diesel

Maruti Ciaz Diesel Ownership Review. Know Positives, Negatives including Mileage, Recommendation, Improvement Areas, Service and Maintenance Costs in India


Maruti Ciaz Diesel Owner Review

Know Owner Experience on Maruti Ciaz Diesel

Model : Maruti Ciaz Zdi

Driven: 27000 Kms in 9 months

Owner Name: S. Shetty

Source: Review Posted on Social Site 

Overall Owner Recommendation: Strong Buy in Sub 15 Lakh Segment


Positives   Things to Improve / Negatives
The way it drives. Feels like a petrol. The notorious MJD turbo lag is negligible   Driver seat height adjust wasn’t perfect. It took me a long time to get the right setting only for the service guys to fiddle with it at the next service. I am tired of doing this after every service Inspite of telling the technicians to leave seat settings untouched 
The rear legroom and roomy cabin   Build quality when closing the door or the boot doesn’t give you the same feeling as others in the same segment. But then, the MASS network makes up for this 
The driver seat is superb, but somehow I like the Dzire and new City seats more   Definitely not a driver’s car. Have touched what could be the top speed of this car , but this isn't meant to be driven that way. 90-120 is the cruising speed. You cannot take curves the way you would dare to do in a City ( with wider tyres ) or the VWs. Definitely not meant for spirited driving on the ghats. 
The huge boot. The car detailing kit now remains inside the car thanks to this 510 liter boot   Changing to 195 mm Michelin 3ST tires have helped , but it still isn't a driver's car 
The MASS network. Feels very reassuring when you see a MASS even in some remote corner of Karnataka. For me it's Surakshaa in Bangalore that takes care of all needs   Rear seats and under thigh support are very ordinary. My wife says the Amaze had better seats! But she agrees the ride is much better. Fixed head rests aren’t very comfortable 
The ride quality is very good, especially the way it takes bad roads   Dead pedal is useless. Same with the front center arm rest. It’s placed too much back for my seating position. 
FE is just awesome. MUL definitely knows how to tune these diesels.    The boot: Opening the flimsy boot with the remote or the release button above the number plate is a pain. Same way you can see all the wires inside the boot. Maruti could have spent a few hundreds to conceal wires in a 13L INR car 
Manual sunshade of the rear windscreen is helpful on day long drives   OE headlights could have been better. Did a mistake of changing to Philips Xtreme Vision. As these are H7 bulbs, you have 4 bulbs to replace. The 750 INR / bulb that I spent were a waste. The OE Osram bulbs were much better. Will be changing back to the original ones.
The way the doors open. They open wide.   I am not much into music, but I can make out that these speakers are very ordinary 
Centre arm rest in the rear is comfortable   Rear seats do not fold inside. 
Bottle holders on the doors are plenty and large enough to accommodate a 1L bottle   Sunglasses kept in the holder above the CRVM keep shaking loudly. MUL could have used a small piece of damping cloth/carpet inside this holder.
Keyless entry is cool and really smart. I once tried to lock the running car with my son inside and the engine running!! It didn’t. Same way, having a request sensor on the front doors mean you can lock/unlock the doors with smart key in your pocket. People have asked me if it’s a fingerprint scanner   Glove box isn’t cooled
MID has very useful info. Would have loved to see Avg speed also as part of the trip info    
Ground clearance looks decent. No problems faced till now on bad roads with 5 adults on board    

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