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BMW India BSI Plus Service and Maintenance Package Prices, Inclusions

BMW India BSI Plus Service and Maintenance Package Prices, Inclusions

BMW India BSI Plus Service and BMW Repair Inclusive Price List for 3 yr, 5 yr, 10 Years on 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series along with X1, X3, X5 with Inclusions Terms, Service Repairs


BMW India Service Packages Prices

BMW India takes honor in Customer Delight by offering Hassle Free Zero Maintenance Package in form of :- BSI Plus and BSI RI (Repair Inclusive - essentially means Extended Warranty)

If Reliability and Long term comprehensive Peace of Mind Ownership is concerned - BMW leads by offering as high as 10 Year Service Package for the Car

BSI Service Plus Includes: All Scheduled Servicing Cost - Engine Oil Change, Oil Filter, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Micro Filter, Spark Plug, Brake Fluid. Also includes cover for Wear & Tear Item replacements like - Brake Pads & Brake Discs in both Front & Rear, Worn Out Clutch Assembly, Wiper Blade Rubber

Certain Exclusions : Accidental Damage, Contamination in Fuel System, Windows & Headlight damage, Wheel Alignment & Balancing, Tyres & RIM Alloys, HydroStatic Lock, Engine Damage due to Oil Leakage, Battery Discharge, Towing Costs or any other items as per T&C of BMW India. Pl refer BMW India T&C for comprehensive exclusions.

Both BMW BSI Plus and RI Packages offered across all Models of BMW Range sold in India - 1,3,5,7 Series, GT, X1,X3,X5,Z4.


BSI Plus Package Price (For Service)

Earlier - there was BSI Ultimate which was too on offering which covers Unscheduled Repairs beyond Warranty Period - however - same not available. Below are Prices of BSI Service Plus and Repair Maintenance (as in 2016 in India)

BSI Service Plus        
  1 Series or X1 3 Series / GT / X3 5 Series / X5 7 Series
3 yrs or 40000 Kms 1.17 Lakh 1.22 Lakh 1.33 Lakh 1.68 Lakh
3 yrs or 60000 Kms 2.46 Lakh 2.63 Lakh 3.19 Lakh 3.82 Lakh
5 yrs or 60000 Kms 2.52 Lakh 2.7 Lakh 3.3 Lakh 3.9 Lakh
5 yrs or 80000 Kms 3.01 Lakh 3.28 Lakh 3.96 Lakh 4.69 Lakh
5 yrs or 1 Lakh Kms 3.82 Lakh 4.22 Lakh 5.03 Lakh 5.93 Lakh
6 yrs or 1.2 Lakh Kms 4.53 Lakh 5 Lakh 6 Lakh 7 Lakh
8 yrs or 1.6 Lakh Kms 6.2 Lakh 6.94 Lakh 8.2 Lakh 9.65 Lakh
10 yrs or 2 Lakh Kms 8.37 Lakh 9.45 Lakh 11.19 Lakh 13.1 Lakh

Additional: 15% Service Tax

Know about BMW Model Range

BMW Model Range (Check Prices Features)

» BMW 1 Series

» BMW X1

» BMW 3 Series


» BMW 5 Series

» BMW X3


BMW Repair Inclusive (Warranty Package)

BSI Repair Inclusive        
  1 Series or X1 3 Series / GT or X3 5 Series or X5 7 Series
3rd Year Unlimited Kms Warranty 29K 30K 32K 36K
4th Year Unlimited Kms Warranty 85K 86K 89K 1.09 Lakh
5th Year Unlimited Kms Warranty 1.25 Lakh 1.26 Lakh 1.29 Lakh 1.61 Lakh
6th Year Unlimited Kms Warranty 2.02 Lakh 2.04 Lakh 2.07 Lakh 2.62 Lakh

Additional: 15% Service Tax

BMW Repair Inclusive: Considering high cost of Mechanical Parts - a Warranty Coverage provides peace protection. Its Strongly recommended to go with atleast 5 Year Warranty Plan

For availing BMW Service Plus - BMW RI Packages are combined and offers in comprehensive Cover

For Instance - a Comprehensive 6 Year Cover of BSI Plus and BMW 6 Year RI (i.e 4 Year Extended Warranty other than standard 2 Year Warranty will cost

BSI Plus + BSI RI Cover for 6 Years        
  1 Series or X1 3 Series / GT or X3 5 Series or X5 7 Series
5 Year Unlimited Kms Warranty + 5 Year or 80000 Kms (whichever earlier) BSI Plus Service Pack 4.26 Lakh + 15% Tax 4.54 Lakh + 15% Tax 5.25 Lakh + 15% Tax 6.3 Lakh + 15% Tax
6 Year Unlimited Kms Warranty + 6 Year or 1.2 Lakh Kms (whichever earlier) BSI Plus Service Pack 6.55 Lakh + 15% Tax 7.04 Lakh + 15% Tax 8.07 Lakh + 15% Tax 9.62 Lakh + 15% Tax


Luxury Car Maintenance Cost in India

New Cars

Check Prices with Complete Features


We strongly advise in BMW Buyers to choose in BSI Plus Package as it creates a hassle free ownership experience by protection against common wear & tear items but also protect owner against Inflationary Costs by locking in the Price at the time of sale.

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Guest - Sahil on Saturday, 17 February 2018 21:43

is the cost of 6th year inclusive of all previous years?

is the cost of 6th year inclusive of all previous years?
Monday, 21 January 2019

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