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USA President Barack Obama Car Cadillac Beast Features, Specs

USA President Barack Obama Car Cadillac Beast Features, Specs

USA President is considered as the most Powerful Person in the World. Know Security and Safety Features of US President Car Cadillac Beast with Body Specs, Engine


USA President Car

Barack Obama is considered the most Powerful Person in World. With Global Population in excess of 7 Billion (700 crore) - Safety is of Paramount Importance of Strongest Person in the World. Using Airplane for Long Distance Travel and Car for Short Distance - heres what we will know about US President Car.

The Personal Car used by US President is Cadillac - manufactured by General Motors and popularly known as the 'Beast' in United States of America.

Entire Safety List Features of Car ofcourse are hidden to be in knowledge of Public Domain - but Some exclusive features of this car as known are listed below along with Engine Specs


President Obama Car Features

Below are the Engine Specs and Safety Features of Barack Obama Cadillac Beast Car

» Engine - 8 Litre Diesel Engine with 800 PS Power and expected torque to be over 1500 NM (Newton Meter)

» Length - Car Length is 5.5 Meter Long and has 2 Row Rear Seats Facing Each Other with Each Rear Seat Row can accompany 2 Passengers each

» Body Chassis - Car Body is Explosion Proof and Chassis is Customised to be built on Truck Chassis. Even Underbody & Upper Body has Several Layers of Safety to prevent any explosion. Also - Doors are thick 8 Inches Armour Plates Doors and are what similar in weight as to Boeing 757 Jet  - too are are Explosion Proof

» Tyres & Wheels - Car Runs on GoodYear Tyres which are Puncture Resistant and even in unlikely scenario of Puncture - has capacity to even run on Wheels in case of Flat Tyres or Burst Out with even 100 Km/h Speed for several hundred kms

» Auto Safety Has Safety Auto Mechanism to Seals off the Car with Additional Security layers to prevent attacker intrusion in Car in case of Emergency. Several Security Hidden Button are there


» Explosion Proof Windows The Windows estimated to be 6 Inches thick and made up of Special Material to prevent all explosion attacks. Even its only the Driver Side Window which can be opened up and that too partially.

» Fuel Tank Filled with Special Foam as additional safety in Fuel Tank - so that Fuel Tank becomes Explosive free - and will not burst 

» Equipments Night Vision Camera, Shot Gun, GPS Navigator, Wifi, Safetllite Communication, Emergency Oxygen Supply, Fire Fighting Equipment, President Blood, All Necessary Medical Tools for Converting Car into Operation Theatre.

» Driver Last but not Least - Driver who is driving the Car is Top Notch CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) Agent - who is well trained and considered expert for all emergency handling situations.

Though - Such Kind of Car is Priceless as its custom made - but as per Rough Estimates the car costs in excess of 3.5 Million Dollar i.e 20 Crore+ in Indian Rupee terms.

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