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Car GPS Navigation System. Buy Car GPS Navigator Online in India

Car GPS Navigation System. Buy Car GPS Navigator Online in India

Looking to buy Best Car GPS Navigation System at Lowest Prices. Compare Prices, Key Features of Garmin, Map My India, Satguide GPS Navigators in India


GPS Navigation System

What is a GPS

GPS is Global Positioning System. A GPS Device when installed in a car, locates the information of the car and user can track the location at regular intervals - through his mobile, desktop or laptop which shows the Map with even distance from your current location. The device even stores the data and if one intends to track the location later on for a specific time and he can do so through this easily through recorded points.


Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking System

> Find Road Direction to reach to your Destination Point. Even in Unknown Cities - Get Access to Easy Route Map in City acting as indispensable guide, especially if drive your car to outskirts or long distance

> List of Local ATM, Restaurants, Hospital, Petrol Pump to even Food Joints and Multiplex in the City, Shortest Distance to reach between 2 Points

> Get Information on Where about on your car, even if not in the car. Tracking the Stolen Vehicles by identifying its location immediately.

> Keep an eye on the driver movements if you are giving car to him for your work or Picking Kids


Price of GPS System in India

A Basic Typical GPS System is priced at Rs. 7500 in India while high end GPS System can cost in range of 15,000-20,000 with Add on Features.

Also, tracking service charge typically range at Rs. 2000 per year. Size of GPS System can be looked as slightly bigger than your Android Smart Phone and can be kept easily in the car storage box/glove box etc

Some Advanced GPS Navigator even comes with Touchscreen, Calling Interface, Bluetooth and Smart Phone Synchronisation... The directions and maps are closed to perfect as they are generated through Knots of Latitude and Longitude and Altitude Points.


Shop for GPS Navigation System

Do you look for Lowest Price on Best GPS Navigation System in India. Below are some of the recommended GPS Navigation System in India :-

Brand Size Price Range
Satguide  4.3 Inch Rs. 8000 - 10,000
MapmyIndia Lx 430 4.29 Inch TFT LCD Rs. 8000 - 10,000
Garmin 52 LM 5 Inch IFT Rs. 8000 - 10,000
Garmin 55 LM 5 Inch Touchscreen + Speak St Rs. 8000 - 10,000
Mapmy India Zx250 5 Inch LCD Display Rs. 14000
Mapmy India Zx350 5 Inch LCD Display + 600 Mhz Processor Rs. 16000
Garmin 2567LM 5 Inch LCD Rs. 17000
Mapmy India Carpad 7 Inch LCD Display Rs. 20000 - 25000
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Swift infotainment system price which better and support apple car play andriod auto

Swift infotainment system price which better and support apple car play andriod auto
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