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Trace Caller Name, Privacy Details, Location and Address Online

Trace Caller Name, Privacy Details, Location and Address Online

Trace Phone Caller Name, Caller Location, Age, Address and Other Personal Details Online. Loopholes with Ways to Block your Privacy Flowing Online across Internet

Know Privacy Details - Trace Caller Details

Internet is a boon for easy communication, but comes across one serious Privacy Issue. It has become fairly easy to get Personal details, friends, address, father name, mobile number, personal photographs online in India. One never know that even by a phone number, one can easily get to one address, family, friends and location address instantly in minutes

Its important to know - how your privacy is leaking and how to block them before some-one takes undue advantage of same

Below are some of the details - which are there

Know Caller Name & Location 

It has become easy to check Name of Person from the Phone Number he is calling you up by finding the name through Mobile Number or Landline along with the location of caller. Either Install it as Truecaller Android Application or Search it through Website

Simply go to Website -



https://www.truecaller.com/search/in/9999999999 and replace 9999999999 with the phone number you looking to search

Punch in phone number, authorize app by login through Social Media - Facebook / Twitter / Google Plus / Linked in / Yahoo and there you are with the caller name and location address. Its estimated that Database of Truecaller has over 100 crore numbers stored in there database along with location

You can search Caller Name & Location of both Landline (mention complete phone number with STD Code) and Mobile Number


Sometimes even Email Id is also mentioned in it, so you can get access to

  • Name whom this phone Number belongs to
  • Telecom Circle where the phone is registered including country name
  • Sometimes even Email address is also referred and can be obtained


Know SIM Number Registration Location and Service Provider

Despite having database of more than 2 Billion Numbers across the Globe - All Numbers still can not be found through Truecaller, especially those who for Privacy reasons have mentioned to hide there number from Database (Ofcourse - by doing this they will also not be able to use Truecaller from that number)

You may then have to search through Alternate Way to find :- Service Provider (Airtel / Vodafone / Idea / BSNL / MTNL etc ) and location

Visit this Site - http://www.mobilenumbertracker.com/ and Punch in the number

It will most likely display Mobile Number Service Provider and location where the Number is Registered


Finding your Personal Family, Friends Details

Who else can be blamed except Facebook for Leaking Privacy Details, it even enable searches by

» Name

» Email address (if the Facebook user enabled searches through Email)

» Phone number too (if the Facebook user enabled searches through Phone number for friends to find him)

One can get and poke in much more privacy by keeping an eye on above and may filter basis location, Employer Name, Current city and even other details too

Like Search for 'Amit Kumar Tata AIG' or 'Amit Kumar Delhi' or even further as 'Amit Kumar Tata AIG Delhi' to shortlist further.


You can even send Messages to them or even check there Facebook Friends to contact them.


Professional Work Details, Past Experience

Care to get Professional Details - Linkedin is the platform - you can take Paid Subscription package and may even contact on Linked Connects to connect with there Colleagues.


Get Residence Locality, Age and Other Personal Details

Its there at Government Sites- which though have data of every individual but have not really made more stringency on Privacy.

Visit this Site https://electoralsearch.in/

You can simply search details basis

» Name 

» Optional Filter basis State, District

Only Punch in the Name (even first name only - if sir name is not available), State and and entire details of all matching names used to come in.

You will instantly have the locality, Father Name, Election ID Car Details - provided the person has Election Card (in most of the States Database). 

Disclaimer - most of the Voters have there details punched in the state where there Voter ID was made.


Know Location of Friends, Family Members - 24x7 on Touch of Phone

Ask your Friend to use 

  • Whatsapp Location Sharing Feature
  • Google Map and Share Location Feature - wherein they can choose with whom they want to share location and how long they want to share location. So - location will be shared real time with the person whom they want to access it.

or if you want a dedicated application for it Install Android App - 'Family Locator' on your Phone and your Friends or Family Member Phone and connect same using this app secret code. With over 10 Million Downloads - its one of the most Popular apps to track location of your Friends

With it - you can instantly track - where your family members or friends are and even see the route movements

Its Safe, gives a feeling of Security to check out - Ofcourse the other person too can check out your location at any point of time and connect with you. You can even add more friends, family members and connect with them at ease.



How to Stop your Privacy Flowing Across Internet

The objective of this blog post is rather not to help malicious minds to start making search, but to know how privacy is flowing online and how can it be blocked. Above are mentioned some of the handful sites, but the data is flowing across hundred of sites. Its always best not to share personal details across Internet - atleast to unkown and non-reliable sites. Below are ways to block Privacy in sites mentioned above too :-

- Facebook Go to Facebook Privacy Setting, Check on who can view your Profile, Photos - Enable only friends. Disable Search by Email address, Mobile Number

- Truecaller also has option to delete your phone number. Visit - unlist option in Truecaller and unlist your number

- State Election Sites - This is upto Government, earlier in Electoral sites even the address was visible, which fortunately is changed now. Refer an old screenshot of details including address was visible in it.


However, Government should also add on additional filter of Date of Birth for extracting Voter ID Details


If Some one Troubling you

You can file a Police Complaint, Police can put up phone number of surveillance for observing its Live Location, Where the last call was made and in which location is the phone last accessed.

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