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Tips to Reach on First Position in Google Search Results

Tips to Reach on First Position in Google Search Results

Reaching to First Position in Google for Targeted Keywords could be difficult but not Impossible. Tips to reach to 1st Position in Google Search



For more than 97% of web-sites in the world, the major traffic attributed is through Search Engines

There are pretty handful of sites where users visits directly may be less than 3%, but for us and most others - Its Google who has helped small - medium and even large business houses to turn around the sales, volumes through Search Engine.

Fact is there are several million of sites running on the web space - but truth is if someone ask to name top 25 sites probably one can easily fumble upon it. Everyone searching for free information on the net - point is how to be on number one spot in search results.

Coming Back to the main point, how to rank number one in Google..


Disclaimer - I not an expert in SEO and have not done any course or read books on this - whatever strategies and points referring below are entirely basis my experience of last 1 year since Oct 2011 when in tried to put my site on top position

a) Original Content . Original Content written in own words is the very first step which we observed. Even though one can take reference from many sites but never copy and paste. Write what you interpret from the inferences and source.

b) User Friendly Approach . Write for users - it should not happen that the content is repetitive - if so you are making user to bounce from the site immediately. If the content is there and is written with information - a user bound to remain on site to go through with it. Always - give a path or link to user to a related information where the article ends. No one wants a one page bounce

c) On Page SEO. Target the keywords which a general user should think of. Do an on page SEO by writing content with slightly focusing on those keywords. Link other pages with anchor based keywords

Make catchy unique title tags and meta description - This is the first thing a user sees about your website on Google search. The title tag should be framed including keywords to give an attention to user

d) Make Informative Site with Tabs, Links and Source of Information . The Menu Items, Links should be well placed on the site to make the user navigate easily and browse through the site.

e) Update, Update Daily. Ensure that you write a piece of content about news, blog and information to add in site daily. We observed it as a big factor that updated information has helped in get authority in Google Search. Moreover - the articles / news added boosts in adding information and content to the site - which is actually the lifeline. Remember Google searches are based on the text information

f) Off Page SEO, Authority Links. Get good quality links. Spend atleast 1 -2 hour every day. We followed a regular approach wherein :-

- wrote articles on high pr article sites regularly with backlinks and anchor texts

- submitted site only to premium directories - there are some 30 - 35 directories with high pr. submit on them slowly

- Participated in Similar Forums to add contribution / content and even get backlinks to site

- RSS feed wherever possible

- Online Press Releases with High PR Sites

- Searching for Top PR Sites - about there link building techniques especially through Seomoz - what links they have built in and adopting a similar strategy

- Some of the links we got automatically basis the content by some of the sites linking to us

g) Give opportunity to users to add content to site like what we did through our forum - to ask queries, add content to site. We answer questions - it helps users and also helps site in getting additional content

h) Never Participate in Link Exchange, Paid Links, Fast Links or paid services. It kills your site

What we lack / missed today

a) We have dynamic URLs - static url are always better. We were not aware about this initially and the developer has simply made fool of us

b) Probably couple of other things - which we realized later on about the sections and content. But that's internal - which we are working and keep on rectifying to make it a good user experience.

The Mantra of Google as per my understanding is ' Be Natural with Original Content. Make it a good search experience for users . Get Authoritative Links . Sooner or later the SERP (search engine rank positions) will improve for your site'

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