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Nifty Crashed Over 800 Points in Morning Trade on 5 Oct

Nifty Crashed Over 800 Points in Morning Trade on 5 Oct

A Wrong Order and Nifty Crashed by Over 800 Points in Morning Trade on 5th October 2012. Know how it all happened within seconds


4th October Closing - 5787 points

9:15 am IST - Nifty opened at 5811 points

9:47 am IST - Nifty at 5773 points

9:48 am IST - Nifty at 5774 points

9:49 am IST - Nifty at 5772.9 points

9:50 am IST - Nifty at 4997 points  - a fall of 775 points


9:51 am IST - Nifty at 5625 points

9:52 am IST - Trade Halter for 12 minutes till 10:04 am

10:05 am IST - Nifty back to 5751 points

10:14 am IST - Nifty in Green back at 5801 Points



Later on when this surveillance and investigations were done - National Stock Exchange came out that some wrong orders were placed by Broker Emkay Global and they will investigate the issue further. No reason to panic and markets have normalized once again.

Emkay Global has been disabled from further trading as per News by Reuters.

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