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Maruti Jimny : 5 Negatives & Positives should know for every Car Buyer


Maruti Jimny set for launch in India. Here are 5 Big Positives and Negatives for Maruti Jimny as should be known before considering a Purchase Decision


Maruti Jimny Negatives & Positives Review

All that Glitters is not Gold. If its Maruti Suzuki - need not be best, Remember the Flop Cars manufactured by Maruti Suzuki in past including Kizashi, Versa, Zen Estilo, Ritz - which were all discontinued within few years

Jimny - although a product from Maruti Suzuki as Off Road Capabilities comes with USP of

  • Only Maruti Suzuki Car to offer you 4x4 Wheel Drive and yet to emerge as Most Economical 4x4 Wheel Drive Car (expected Price to Start from 10 Lakh Onwards and to go to 13 Lakh)


  • Maruti Car to offer you same Chassis Platform as what used in International Jimny and offering with 6 Airbags, ESP, Brake Assist, Hill Hold, Hill Descent as standard


  • Offered in 5 Door Version in Indian Market (as against 3 Door Version in International Jimny or Thar) where would be easier to ingress, egress out of cabin from rear door itself 


  • Maruti Suzuki Proven Reliability, After Sales Service Experience, Proven Resale and Niggle Free Ownership remains at the back of mind of car buyer


  • With Locking Differential, Light Body Weight and 4x4 Wheel Drive with 210 mm Ground Clearance and fact that Tyre Profile is in 15 Inch with R15 195/80 Tyres - expect Jimny to clear on all terrain Indian Roads at ease.


But here come 5 Negatives of Jimny too

Mileage: Unlike other Maruti Suzuki Cars which offers Fuel Efficiency of 20 to 25 Kmpl, Maruti Jimny offers lowest Mileage in Maruti Suzuki Portfolio with Claimed Mileage of

  • 16.39 Kmpl in Jimny Automatic
  • 16.94 Kmpl in Jimny Manual Transmission

Remember - above is ARAI Mileage and as seen in Cars - ARAI Mileage is subject to be reduced considerably in real world drive conditions


Space: Although its a sub 4 Meter One but unlike Baleno, Brezza where Space Factor is Immaculate - Maruti Jimny Rear Seat Legroom Space is just Okay as similar to what seen in Ignis - not as good as what seen in Baleno, Brezza and considering shoulder room is a 4 Seater Car. Do not miss that there are no Rear Seat AC Vents and Width is just 1645 mm, which is even lesser than Ignis having 1690 mm

Boot Space is just 208 Litres, and if you plan to commute with 4 Members and Luggage - you really may have some tough time to store large luggage



Ergonomics: Power Window Switches for example are at weird Position. Front Power Window Switches placed on lower Dash below Auto Climate Control button. Look at these Rear Power Window Switches placed next to Gear. It could have been easier had these Power Window Switches placement could have done in Door.


Performance: Jimny comes with 1.5 Litre K15B Naturally aspirated Petrol Engine with 103 BHP Power and 134 NM Torque. Do not be confused in any way with 2 Litre Turbo Charged Petrol Engine as used in Mahindra Thar having 130 BHP Power and 300 NM Torque.

A Turbo Petrol Engine as what used in Fronx having 99 BHP Power and 147 NM Torque with superior Mid rangfe could have have been a better choice atleast in Manual Transmission.


Dont Get Confused for City Use: Maruti Jimny is Ideal for Off road use, but if you are confused to use it as City Use Car - pls remember

  • Turning Radius is Significant higher at 5.7 Meter
  • No Rear AC Vents
  • Mileage in City Use will Drop Significant
  • Rear Seat Space is Limited for Family Use Car 
  • Outdated 4 Speed Gearbox Transmission in Automatic as used 


So - make a careful choice on what you seek. If you pitch it against Thar then Thar definitely looks more stunning in design language as against Jimny.

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