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Car Leasing : Is Leasing Better against Buying Car in India


Car Leasing Explained in Detail with Real Life Scenario including Lease Rentals, GST, Tax Benefits and Comparison against Car Loan Finance in India 


Car Leasing Vs Buying : Comparison

Car Leasing easing is short term contract (typically 2 yrs to 5 yrs) for those who do not want to tie there hands in Downpayment, Recurring Insurance Premiums, Resale, Maintenance etc, but rather wish to Experience New Car for Contracted Period in Hassle Free Experience.

Post Contract Period over - can consider whether

  • Wish to Upgrade to New Car basis 
  • Use Same Car by Buying Back the Residual Value 

and Top of it are Benefits in terms of Corporate Lease Rentals which are deductible from Taxable Income to reduce Final Tax Liability

So yes

  • No DownPayment in Owning Brand New Car
  • No Recurring Insurance Premium
  • No Service Maintenance
  • If Car turned Accidental or repair taken more than 5 days (replacement car provided as per Contract)
  • No Worries of Depreciation, Resale

all you have to pay are Pre Defined Lease Rentals to Buy the Car.


Buying Vs. Leasing

To Explain Better - here is Real Life Scenario Explained as comparison against Buying Hyundai Creta Sx and Leasing the Car

Hyundai Creta Sx Transaction Purchase Leasing
Exshowroom (Delhi) Rs 14.81 Lakh xx
On Road Price (Delhi) Rs 17 Lakh on road  xx
Down Payment Rs 5 Lakh NIL
Finance Availed 12 Lakh No Finance, Rental
Car Loan Interest Rate 9% Pre Defined Contract
EMI / Lease Rental Per Month Rs 38160 (3 yrs) / Rs 29862 (4 yrs) Rs 41710 (3 yrs) / Rs 37630 (4 yrs)

Pls note above Lease Rental is Real Life Quote shared to a Corporate Employee including all applicable Charges, Taxes without any Residual. Details:-


Lease Rental Calculation

Here is Detailed Quote for Car Lease as shared by Leasing Company to the corporate Employee for Hyundai Creta Sx without any Buy-Back / Residual.

Lease Rental Break Up 3 yrs 4 yrs
Lease Rental 19000 17000
GST - 28% 5320 4760
Cess - 17% 3230 2890
Fleet Mgt fee (Maintenance, Insurance, Road Tax fee) 12000 11000
GST - 18% 2160 1980
Total Rental per Month 41710 37630

No Residual Value applied


Comparison of Car Buying Vs Leasing

Description 3 Yrs Loan 4 Yrs Loan 3 yr Rental 4 Yr Rental
EMI Outflow / Rental Outflow 1373360 1433376 1501560 1806240
Tax Benefit for Salaried (if in highest Tax Bracket) * 0 0 -450468 -541872
Upfront Down Payment 500000 500000 0 0
Cumulative Recurring Insurance Premium 70000 100000 0 0
Cumulative Service Cost 15000 23000 0 0
Net Cost 19.6 Lakh 20.5 Lakh 10.5 Lakh 13.6 Lakh

* - Presuming you are earning 15 Lakh pa as Net Taxable Income as Corporate Lease Rentals can be reduced from Taxable Salary on Pre Tax Basis

Now - there are 2 More considerations in above:-


  • In Case of Leasing - You have 5 Lakh Amount too left as Upfront Down Payment been Saved, which you can invest depending on your Risk Appetite to earn Returns in Stocks, Mutual Funds for 10% to 25% Returns or Safe Instrument like Fixed Deposit where 8% to 9% Returns are there. For someone who is Informed of Financial markets - can easily earn 2% per month or 24% Annually as net return on average in NIFTY Option Selling.


  • However, as in Case of Leasing - you are not the Owner of Car, So When you buy car on Loan - you can actually sell that car in Second Hand Car Market


So Factoring Same:- In Car Rental

Description 3 Yrs 4 Yrs
Net Cost Rs 10.5 Lakh Rs 13.6 Lakh
5 Lakh @ 24% in Stock Option Selling after 30% Slab Rs 300000 Rs 440000
Net Outflow Rs 7.5 Lakh Rs 9.2 Lakh


However, in case of Car Purchase

While in Case of Car Purchase - you can sell Car and thus that amount can be figured off

Description 3 Yrs 4 Yrs
Total Outflow Rs 19.6 Lakh Rs 20.5 Lakh
Resale (70% / 3 yrs, 60% / 4 yrs of Original Price) Rs 12 Lakh Rs 10 Lakh
Net Outflow Rs 7.6 Lakh Rs 10.5 Lakh


More Details on Car Lease Contract

  • (*) Beneficial if you are in Job and earning more than 15 Lakh per annum as Annual Taxable Salary, so as to get 30% Reduction
  • You are not the Owner of Car, but Leasing Company is Owner of the Car - but Brand New Cars are given to Lessee.
  • Lease Contract is defined as per expected average annual Usage. In Specified case is 10,000 Kms per year
  • If you break Lease Contract due to any reason (except Death) - hefty amount as penalty will be due to leasing company as its a Legal Contract
  • You need to frame in similar leasing contract with new company if you shift job.
  • You can not Modify Car or Accessorize Car if buying Car on Lease (if seek any change, you need Leasing Company approval)
  • Pls Check Contract in Detail for any hidden Term which may impact Lease Experience.
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