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Maruti Jimny Vs Mahindra Thar. Top 5 Differences for Best Buy


Confused in all New Maruti Jimny and Mahindra Thar Rear Wheel Drive. Here are Top 5 Differences in Jimny, Thar for Best Value Buy Off Road SUV Car in 2023


Maruti Jimny Vs Mahindra Thar

Maruti Jimny is soon to emerge as most affordable Off Road SUV in 4x4 Wheel Drive in Indian Car Market. But, when Mahindra came to know of Maruti plans, they introduced Thar Rear Wheel Drive from 9.99 Lakh onwards. So - here are details on which is the best SUV Car for need with Key Differences

Engine Performance: Mahindra Thar Rear Wheel Drive is Pitched in Diesel Fuel with 1.5 Litre Diesel Engine having 117 BHP Power and 300 NM Torque. On other hand Maruti Jimny Manual Transmission will be powered with 1.5 Litre Petrol Engine with just 102 BHP Power and 138 NM Torque 

At any given point of time - Thar would be much more Powerful in Engine Performance

From Automatic Transmission Perspective - Thar is powered by 2 Litre Petrol Engine with 150 BHP Power and 300 NM Torque in 6 Speed Automatic, while Jimny will be powered with  1.5 Litre Petrol Engine with just 102 BHP Power and 138 NM Torque 

So at any given day Mahindra Thar will be more Punchy and Performance Oriented



Adventure SUV: Both SUV are based on Ladder on Frame Chassis and having Electronic Brake Lock Differential but Biggest Positive with Maruti Jimny is 4x4 Wheel Drive with Low Transfer range which will give it an edge if seeking even extreme off road or stuck in Mud / Slush for your adventure road trips

If you plan for Spiti, Leh Ladakh - in no way should you doubt on credentials of Mahindra Thar - even if its rear wheel drive in terms of approach angle, departure angle, ground clearance of 225 mm along with Rear Wheel Drive and Ladder on Frame Chassis with Wider R16 245/75 in Ax or R18 265/55 All Terrain Tyres, but with 4x4 Wheel Drive - Jimny gets a slight edge in taking this car out even in extreme off road situations too

With Smaller R15 195/80 Tyres along with 4L will actually be easier to take your SUV out in extreme off road situations. So consider this fact basis need, requirement


Engine NVH, Ease of Drive: Although Jimny yet to be driven, but basis fact of Petrol Engine refinement, Electric Power Steering as against Hydraulic Power Steering of Thar, Maruti know how of making much more superior Noise, Vibration level - can expect Jimny upper hand to it


Road Presence: Mahindra Thar win hands down to be very stylish, macho, wider tyres, wide looks, taller and a bigger car feel. Dont be confused of bigger car in terms of length - its the same length which Jimny has, but from Height, Width, Tyre Profile - Thar has distinguishing road presence over Jimny



Seating: Both are essentially best to be used as 4 Seater. Jimny has considerable floor hump in rear center, making it as par with Thar. But cabin has superior legroom and seating is relative easy as comes in 5 Door with rear seat passengers can directly sit inside, as against Thar 3 Door where co-passenger seat need to flip down for access to 2nd Row

Specifications Maruti Jimny Mahindra Thar
Length 3985 mm 3985 mm
Width 1645 mm 1820 mm
Height 1720 mm 1850 mm
Ground Clearance 210 mm 226 mm
Wheels 15 Inch 16 & 18 Inch
Tyre R15 195/80 R16 245/75, R18 255/65
Boot Space 208 Litre 150 Litre


Safety: Mahindra Thar is a 4 Star Safety Rated SUV with ABS, EBD, Front Disc Brakes, ESP, Hill Hold Assist and Hill Descent. From Jimny Perspective Although safety rating is unavailable but Maruti Suzuki offering 6 Airbags as standard in both Zeta, Alpha Trim 


Features: Maruti Jimny would be available in Zeta and Alpha Trim where both variants are pretty stocked in Features. If care for more features in lesser price - Jimny would be your bet offering many more convenience, styling features



Overall - What should Buy

  • Thar - If you seek Road Presence, Engine Performance, Build Quality as key consideration. Care for a car which has differentiaing road presence from Wow feel on road - Thar is what your car is but comes with higher Noise, Vibration.


  • Jimny - Care for more Features in lesser price, Proper 4x4 Wheel Drive from Off road, Superior Engine Noise, Vibration Levels - Jimny is what your car but road presence is very medicore as against Thar
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Sunday, 29 January 2023

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