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Maruti Fronx Compact SUV Vs Baleno Vs Brezza. Top 5 Differences


Maruti Launched Fronx Compact SUV in Indian Market. Here are Top 5 Differences in Fronx, Baleno and Brezza for Car Buyer Consideration in SUV Choice


Maruti Fronx Vs Baleno

Maruti Suzuki introduced Baleno based Crossover as Fronx in Auto Expo 2023 and pitched in Compact SUV Segment. What Essentially Fronx for Car Buyers over Baleno is

  • Based on Baleno with retuned Suspension, Raised Ground Clearance and Wider Tyres
  • Apart from 1.2 Litre Petrol, will also feature in 1 Litre Boosterjet Petrol Engine with 98 BHP Power and 147 NM Torque
  • Apart from 5 Speed Manual, In Choice of Automatic is 6 Speed Torque Converter Automatic 
  • Styling Tweaks with all new Front Fascia as inspired from Grand Vitara, Claddings, Black Alloys and styling factor to reflect looks of SUV. Interiors has marginal changes in upholstery with red accents

So - an attempt is done by Maruti Suzuki to deliver a product having differentiating styling experience and meet in  aspiration need of SUV. To be noted that 

  • Legroom, Shoulder room space is almost similar. Margin Difference in Headroom Space
  • Boot Space is near exact similar 
  • Safety Features, Build Quality is near similar
  • No Sunroof in Maruti Fronx 

In terms of Prices - expect Maruti Fronx 1.2 to begin at prices which can be higher by Rs 70,000 as against Baleno 1.2. While 1 Litre Boosterjet Prices can start from 9.99 Lakh and go upto Rs 12 Lakh for Top of Line Alpha Trim. To be noted that bookings started off for Maruti Frontx


Maruti Fronx Vs Brezza

Well Fronx biggest advantage over Brezza is going to be price point. With Smaller 1.2 Litre Petrol Engine and 1 Litre Boosterjet - GST and Tax rates will apply at 29% as against 45% as applied in Brezza. So it would be like 

  • Fronx Delta 1.2, will be available at near similar price as Brezza Lxi
  • Fronx Zeta 1.0 in close range of Brezza Vxi
  • Fronx Alpha 1.0 in close range of Brezza Zxi

So more features in lesser price will be USP of Maruti Fronx. Also the second USP would be of space front. As what seen in Auto Expo 2023 - Fronx Rear Seat Legroom space is better felt as against Brezza with better recline rear seat comfort.

Finally there is no denying to the fact that Boosterjet Petrol Engine has Turbo charger to it - which can actually add slight more excitement to fun driving aspect making Fronx a more fun character to it.

Where Maruti Brezza leads over Fronx

Is Maruti Brezza 2022 Overpriced ? Best Value in Brezza Lxi, Vxi, Zxi, Zxi Plus

  • 1.5 Litre Naturally aspirated Petrol Engine with superior low End Power Delivery
  • Proper Compact SUV to its core and for all reasons Suspension of Brezza on bad roads remains key strength. Has more wider R16 215 Tyres as against R16 195 Tyres in Fronx
  • Feels more Stylish and upmarket in both Interiors, Exteriors
  • Has Sunroof as Charm Element which can differentiate in need for Car Buyers who seek lifestyle feature. Also some more features including Wireless Charging
  • Safety Front - been Brezza Scored 4 Star in Global NCAP earlier, build quality of Brezza is definitely a better pick over Fronx

But - as what said Mileage - been smaller engines are more fuel efficient - Maruti Fronx can end up to be more fuel efficient as against Brezza in real world conditions

So which SUV will you buy - Fronx or Brezza ? Do share in Comment box !! 

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Guest - Danish on Tuesday, 09 May 2023 18:20

I am confused between Fronx Delta Plus and Baleno Zeta 1.2 litre dual jet engine. As this is my first car, please help me out to select one.

I am confused between Fronx Delta Plus and Baleno Zeta 1.2 litre dual jet engine. As this is my first car, please help me out to select one.
Saturday, 22 June 2024

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