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Mahindra Scorpio N Vs XUV700 . Pros and Cons for Best SUV Choice

Mahindra Scorpio N Vs XUV700 . Pros and Cons for Best SUV Choice

Here is Mahindra Scorpio N compared against XUV700. Know about Best SUV Choice with Detailed Pros and Cons of Scorpio and XUV700


Mahindra Scorpio N Vs XUV700

Well you decided for your dream SUV but confused in between XUV700 and all new Scorpio N - here are some important Pointers which will assist you in deciding

Specifications Scorpio N XUV700
Length 4662 mm 4695 mm
Width 1917 mm 1890 mm
Height 1870 mm 1755 mm
Boot Space 110 Litre 150 Litre
Ground Clearance 205 mm ** 200 mm **
Wheelbase 2750 mm 2750 mm
Wheels 17 n 18 Inch 17 n 18 Inch
Petrol Engine  2 Litre 2 Litre
Power 200 PS 200 PS
Torque 380 NM 380 NM
Diesel Engine ^^ 2.2 Litre 2.2 Litre
Power 175 PS 185 PS
Torque 370 NM 420 NM

** - Estimated as official figures not disclosed by OEM

^^ - Leaving aside base models which are detuned. Essentially XUV700 Mx and Scorpio N Z2 and Z4



XUV700 advantage over Scorpio N

  • Scoprio N is Based on same platform as used in Thar, and is a rear wheel drive. Although the dynamics are better suited for Off road but there is some kind of Vibrations in car while on the move. On other hand its XUV700 which is a Front Wheel Drive SUV offer lot smoother ride with almost non existent vibrations


  • Although there is considerable imporvement in Scorpio N Ride Quality as against Scorpio Classic - but XUV700 is like leaps better in comfort as against Scorpio N. You can experience the very best of Comfort in XUV700 in Ride Quality and Handling Dynamics. Thanks to Monocoque Chassis and Comfort Oriented Suspension its XUV700 which wins over Scorpio as latter based on Body on Frame which is more suitable for ruggedness.


  • If you considering a 7 Seater one SUV then do note that Scorpio N biggest downside is Lack of 3rd Row AC Vent. With a long wheelbase of 2750 mm and fitment of AC Vents on floor side on 2nd Row - its definite going to be tough time for 3rd Row Passengers


  • Touchscreen quality with Camera Resolution is average in Scorpio N as against XUV700. Infact while XUV700 boasts 360 Degree Camera with better resolution - there is only rear view camera in Scorpio N with slight average resolution


  • More Premium Interiors with even Superior Fit, Finish. You enter in XUV700 and instant feel and experience more luxury in Cabin with Bigger Touchscreen, Panoramic Sunroof, Electric Driver Seat and ADAS Feature in top of line


  • Superior Features - ADAS, 360 Degree Camera, Electric Parking Brake, Wireless Charging, Bigger 10.25 Inch Touchscreen Music System with more Intuitive Experience, Bigger Size Panoramic Sunroof as against Electric Sunroof in Scorpio N. 


  • Relative More Poweful Diesel Engine in XUV700 with 182 BHP Power with 420 NM Torque as against Scorpio N having 172 BHP Power and 370 NM Torque



Scorpio N advantage over XUv700

  • Scorpio N is a Taller SUV and has Relative Easier Ingress and Egress on 2nd Row for Taller Passnger. Headroom Space in Scorpio N for 2nd and 3rd Row Passengers is better over XUV700


  • Been Based on Thar Platform - care for Slight Off road Dynamics - you can expect Scorpio N to be performing better. Thanks to Suspension Tune up - a ruggedness on bad roads as what required in a true SUV can be better felt in Scorpio N


  • Ofcourse the Price - here is Comparison with almost 2 Lakh to 2.5 Lakh Lower On road Prices of Scorpio N over XUV700 and yes waiting period would be lesser too, where XUV700 commanding waiting time lines of upto 18 month on some variants - Scorpio N can be have within 3 to 4 months as of now.
Transmission Scorpio N XUV700
Petrol MT 11.99 - 18.99 Lakh 13.19 - 19.2 Lakh
Diesel MT 12.49 - 19.49 Lakh 13.69 - 21.66 Lakh


New Cars

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Common Cons

  • Shockingly, no Flexibility of Recline or Slide for 2nd Row Passenger Seats in both Scorpio N and XUV700


  • Although 3rd Row has AC Vents in XUV700, but 3rd Row Space legroom is pretty compact in both Scorpio N and XUV700. Very Limited Legroom, Very Limited Thigh Support in both Cars and XUV700 even has limited hearoom as against Scorpio N. Still due to AC Vents in 3rd Row and possibility to one step recline - XUV700 may be occupied with small kids under 10 yrs of age and can be marginally more comfortable against Scorpio N


  • Boot Space is like a Joke. Whats the point of having 7 Seater SUV with such a small boot. Mere 100 to 120 Litre in Scorpio N but is slight better in XUV700 at 150 Litre


  • Both SUV would be like Gas Guzzlers in Petrol. Expect Single Digit Low Mileage in Petrol


  • Despite Top Models goes well beyond 20 Lakh On road - no Ventilated Cooled Front Seats


  • Mahindra SUV yet to make a mark in very best of reliability.


So Which SUV is Best for You: Identify your Preferences and do share in comment box on what you feel is best for you.

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