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Problems in Electric Vehicles in India. Top 5 Issues in EV Cars

Problems in Electric Vehicles in India. Top 5 Issues in EV Cars

Here are Top 5 Problems been faced by Car Owners in EV Car Segment. Biggest Issue with Electric Cars in India


Problems in EV Cars

EV - Electric Vehicle Segment is what the future of Indian Passenger Car Market, and although EV Cars

  • Powerful with Fun to Drive as power derived from Electric Motor which makes them scintillating
  • Keep a Tab on Lower Running cost with actual Real World Running cost of under Rs 1.5 per Km
  • Even more Easier to Drive in with Single Speed Automatic TRansmission and Regen Brakes
  • Silent Cabin as no Engine and thus no Clutter or Noise or Vibrations
  • Even to an extent Lower Service Costs too as no Engine - thus service cost are lesser

but like every technology has its Pros and Cons - EV is yet in nascent stage and vehicle owners faces issue 


1. Real World Range : Fundamental issue of EV is like Range and Charging Time.; Leave as what claimed by Car Manufacturers - what you will achieve is

  • 200 Kms to 300 Kms as Real World Range in EV Cars depending on how you driving and what car 
  • Charging Time which can go as long as 16 hours on normal plug socket to 7 Hours on 7.5 KWH charger and 80% Charge within 50 Minutes on 50 KWH Charger

Now these DC Fast Chargers are very few and you really need to plan a trip by checking on locations which have Fast Charger. Worse if you are stuck in Bumper to Bumper Traffic and like idling too much your range can deplete fast or if driving too fast or in Sports mode again will face this range issue

Think you are on your way and battery left as 15% and you have 50 More kms to go ? Will you be confident enough to reach. What if the battery depletes as you will be like stranded on road


2. Battery Range: These are Lithium Ion Batteries. Like the way you must have experienced long backup times in your Laptop, Mobile when you bought it new. But as battery gets weak over period ot time - the backup time diminishes

Now these EV Batteries have cells, and these cells may tend to weak up over few years which means further your car range would be depleted.



3. Space in Rear Seat: Some the mass segment EV Cars - Tigor EV, Nexon EV, Nexon EV Max, MG Zs EV or even all new Kia EV6 in Luxury Segment - feel the space and seating comfort on rear seat. Its pretty average with some has ingress, egress issue while some has limited rear seat legroom and some has poor under-thigh support.

Mind you EV Cars start from Rs 13 Lakh to 27 Lakh in Mass Market Segment while Kia EV6 will cost in rs 65 Lakh approx - which is no less an amount



4. EV Battery Insurance: Important to note that Battery is what which makes up significant part of Elertric car price and battery cost near around Rs 6 Lakh to 8 Lakh in Mass Market Cars. Note even if you buying Zero Depreciation Insurance - Battery is not covered 100% in it as checked with several Insurance companies. The coverage of EV Car Battery is just 50%


5. Not Go Green : Yes EV Cars do not have any Engine and doesnt emit any Polluants as it does not burn fuel. But what EV Car Batteries are made up of - Nickel, Cobalt, Graphite which are extracted through Mining and as all knows Mining is highly Polluting Process

The Electric Car need charging means need Electricity to charge. In India - 60% of Electricity come from buring of Coal, Gas, Petroleum products means Pollution. 

Also after 10 yrs to 15 yrs when you will dump these EV Batteries and suddenly hundreds to thousands cars come that way then these Lithium Battery can emit so much toxic fumes to deteriorate environment.

So dont feel proud of Go Green Tag - as you are in same world of Gasoline Vehicles in creating even more Pollution by buying an EV Car.


But... Having said same - EV is what the future of Mobility Solutions and with Technology enhancement along with Infrastructure development with Higher range Vehicles in Future and to beat in Petrol and Diesel Fuel Prices - EV holds a promising Step. 

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