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Tata Nexon EV Max Review : Range, Running Cost, Pros-Cons Explained

Tata Nexon EV Max Review : Range, Running Cost, Pros-Cons Explained

Here is Tata Nexon EV Max Reviewed with Complete Range, Running Cost along with Performance of Electric Car Nexon EV Max Explained


Tata Nexon EV Max Review

Tata Nexon EV Max is what a leaps improvement over Nexon EV with

  • Max Performance: With 143 PS Power and 250 NM Torque is more Powerful
  • Max Battery Range: With Bigger 40.5 KWH Battery, Claimed Ramge is 437 KMs (where 300 Kms is definitely possible)
  • Even a bigger 7.2 KW Charger in Option is an option which has potential to charge 0 to 80% in just 6.5 hours
  • Max Features with Cooled Ventilated Seat, Electric Parking Brake, Air Purifier, Auto Dimming IRVM,  Wireless Charging and yes ESP & Traction Control as standard. 


Performance: Despite a 100 Kg Kerb Increase - expect Nexon EV Max to be even more quicker with a more powerful Electric Motor. Available in Multi Mode

  • Eco Mode: Despite the name suggested as Eco Mode - this mode has enough grunt for day to day usage (to put in realistic terms is like what the power extracted from Honda City) and can deliver ideal maximum range of 320 Kms to 340 Kms
  • City Mode: Care for more fun, come down to city Mode as you will find car ECU optimising with higher torque and more fun character (to put in realistic terms is like what the power extracted from Kia Seltos 1.4 GDI Turbo or Creta 1.4 GDI Turbo) and can deliver ideal maximum range of 300 Kms
  • Sports Mode: With entire thrust on Performance (at a moment you get very quick acceleration and can feel like in a Sports Audi Q3 or BMW X1) with 0 to 100 in 9 Seconds. Infact 0 to 60 can well be covered in under 5 Seconds

Check out detailed Performance of Nexon EV Max with Range in this video


Handling: Suspension been firmed up, but would call it mature to take on city bad roads at ease without passing on much in cabin. Steering feels slight firm at low speed but mid range steering feedback is pretty impressive. With all 4 Disc brakes - braking is exemplary.

Ground clearance yet remains high at 189 mm but body roll is controlled due to stiffened suspension.


Noise & Vibration: As its a EV and no Engine - zero vibrations and no Engine Noise. But Wind noise and Tyre Noise is definitely felt which feels like higher noise levels at mid range. So insulation has lot of scope for improvement.


Space: Well its a sub 4 Meter Compact SUV - space is relatively limited on rear seat. Although under-thigh support is good but Legroom space feels mediocre especially if you get at the back of your mind to spend in like 20 Lakh. No Change in Boot Space and still at 350 Litres.

From Headroom Perspective - space is okay for someone with 5'11"


Ingress, Egress: Well Cabin is placed at height from ground and ingress and Egress is not the most comfortable position for Senior Members of Family or some one with Orthopaedic issue.

So if you considering to buy Nexon EV Max - pls have your family member seated on rear seat


Interiors: Although Beige and Black Dashboard design with Piano Black Finish looks okay. But the moment you feel like spending in 18 Lakh to 20 Lakh and experience in hard touch plastic, basic instrument cluster and that 7 Inch Touchscreen (which is featuring in half the cost Nexon Petrol)  - interiors suddenly started feeling mediocre


Exteriors: This is typical Nexon look with EV badge and EV theme having different alloy wheel design. 



Driving Range: Now depending on driving mode, regeneration mode and idling time in traffic with AC on - driving range of Nexon EV Max can vary in significantly. Although claimed is 437 Kms but for real world considering traffic situation in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore where if you seek a city commute car

  • Driving in Eco Mode witb Level 2 Regen - can make you achieve 270 to 280 Kms in City Condition
  • Driving in City Mode witb Level 2 Regen - can make you achieve 250 to 255 Kms in City Condition
  • Driving in Sports Mode witb Level 1 Regen - can make you achieve 220 to 230 Kms in City Condition

However range on highway

  • Driving in Eco Mode witb Level 3 Regen - can make you achieve 320 Kms
  • Driving in City Mode witb Level 2 Regen - can make you achieve 280 to 290 Kms
  • Driving in Sports Mode witb Level 1 Regen - can make you achieve 250 to 260 Kms

So it all depends on how you driving with Traffic condition and Driving or Regen mode as selected


Running Cost: With an efficiency of 80% in charging. A 40.5 KWH Battery would need around 50 Units of Electricity. With Electricity cost at Rs 8 per unit - it means full charge will cost in Rs 400

Having achieved 300 Kms in full charge with mere Rs 400 cost means running cost of less than Rs 1.35 per Km


What you Like and Dislike in Tata Nexon EV Max



  • Electrifying Performance
  • Overall Handling and Steering Feel on Mid range
  • Even more Practical range as against regular Nexon EV
  • Cooled Ventilated Seats with Wireless Charging and other added features are more than welcome
  • 5 Star Build Quality with ESP, Traction Control
  • Car Running Cost would always bring a Smile on the face of Owner


  • Hard Touch Plastic, Basic Instrument Cluster, Touch response on Music System
  • Ingress and Egress on Rear Seats
  • EV Charging Infrastructure is still in nascent stage
  • Driving Mode Button and Reegen Button were not Ergonomic Friendly
  • Not the feel experience of car in Looks, Styling as felt by spending in 20 Lakh. Lacks Highline TPMS, No Electric Driver Seat, No Wireless Android Auto


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