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Volkswagen Virtus Vs Skoda Slavia. 5 Key Differences in Virtus and Slavia

Volkswagen Virtus Vs Skoda Slavia. 5 Key Differences in Virtus and Slavia

Here is Volkswagen Virtus Pitched against Skoda Slavia with 5 Key Differences explained in between Virtus and Slavia to find out better Sedan Car


Skoda Slavia Vs Volkswagen Virtus

Considering Sedan Car for sheer practicality of Space, Comfort, Manoeuvrability and yes better handling over SUV due to fact that lower ground clearance means center of gravity is lower and thus can get superior driving dynamics.

But confused on which one to buy in new age cars Skoda Slavia and VW Virtus been essentially both cars based on

  • Exact Similar MQB A0 IN Chassis Platform
  • Exact Similar Build Quality
  • Exact Similar Engines and TRansmission Choices in 1 Litre TSI and 1.5 Litre TSI
  • Almost Similar Dimensions in Length, Width, Height, Ground Clearance, Boot Space
  • Yes Near Similar Space in terms of Headroom Space, Legroom Space and Under-thigh Support
  • Ingress, Egress and Loading Lip for Boot would almost be similar in VW Virtus and Skoda Slavia
  • Similar Cost of Ownership in terms of Mileage, Service Cost, Spare Parts and Similar Service Interval
  • Similar Brand Image Value in Indian Market. Ofcourse it will be similar as Skoda is part of VW at Global Level but for Indian Market Skoda India is leading under India 2.0 Strategy.

So where the Difference will arise


1. Looks: Ofcourse the looks where Skoda has his design language and Volkswagen has there own Design Language. While Skoda Slavia feels Stylish, Upmarket its VW Virtus which feels more Elegant and Executive in looks - so as what said beauty lies in eyes of beholder - its you who has to decide on which car feels more upmarket in design.

Also theres GT Line Trim in Volkswagen Virtus which feels even more Stylish with Contast Roof Wrap, Piano Black Finish on ORVM and Black Alloys - feels more Sporty and Differentiating Road Presence

So Depend so which car you like more - be assured you are choosing one among most Stylish and Upmarket Car in Segment


2. Some Feature Differences: Here are some Feature Differences where

  • If Considering Base Model then Skoda Slavia Active is what offered with 15 Inch Steel Wheel with R15 195/65 Tyres, while VW Virtus will be offered with 16 Inch Wheels  as Standard right from base Model with R16 205/55 Tyres


  • Also while Skoda Slavia offers LED Highglights only in Top End Style Model, VW India announced that VW Virtus will get LED Headlights as standard right from Base Model


  • Skoda Slavia Base Active Model gets 2 Front Speakers and 2 Front Tweeter - VW India announced that they will offer 8 Speakers as standard from Base Model Itself (means 4 Speakers and 4 Tweeters even in Base Comfortline Model)


  • Also - while Skoda Slavia gets 6 Airbags in Top End Style Trim - there is unconfirmed Rumor that VW Virtus may offer surprise of 6 Airbags even as standard from Base Trim. However, exact confirmation will only be known when VW Virtus is launched in around April - May 2022


3.  Interior Differences: There is Difference in Interior Dash Layout especially the layout when compared of Virtus GT Trim with Red Accents as against Skoda Slavia

Here is VW Virtus Dynamic Line Interiors

So depends on what you like. There is Piano Black Finish on Dash in both Cars. While Slavia Offers 2 Spoke Steering Wheel Layout but in Virtus gets in 3 Spoke Steering Wheel Layout.

However, its the same 10 Inch Touchscreen with Digital Cockpit Display in both Cars but in Slavia is Floating Touchscreen but in Virtus is Integrated Touchscreen with almost similar features in Touchscreen. But we could not observe in SubWoofer in Virtus which otherwise featured in Skoda Slavia.


4. Suspension Difference: Although yes Engine, Transmission is same but as what observed earlier in Kushaq and Taigun too - there are differences in car Suspension, expected same to happen in VW Virtus.

Although it would be like too early to comment on VW Virtus Suspension as we really dont know how VW Engineers worked suspension - whether to Comfort Oriented or kept it on Firm Side as what observed in Slavia - that will only be known when this car is what driven in terms of Front Suspension and Rear one for Comfort or towards Driving Dynamics.

So - wait for Test Drive reviews to comment on this key Critical Suspension Differences in both cars


5. Price Difference: A Marginal Premium expected to be charged for Volkswagen Virtus basis

  • Extra Features in Base Trim
  • More Dynamic Red Accent Styling in GT TRim

So its expected that Virtus may just cost extra bucks over Slavia for that extra element and if indeed 6 Airbags as standard feature then Virtus may charge extra for add on safety too.

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