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Tata Nano: Prices, Specs of Nano with Safety and Style Features

Tata Nano: Prices, Specs of Nano with Safety and Style Features

Tata Nano Car Safety Features in India. Review Prices, Specifications with Style, Interiors, Features, Offers and Deals Online onTata Nano Car 2013 in India


Tata Nano

Style is what Tata Nano all about. An excellent car for 4 passengers. Below are key specifications of Tata Nano, what makes Nano an excellent buy

- Ground Clearance - 180 mm . Best in Class. Second Best Tall Ground Clearance among all Hatchback Cars in India (after Fiat Punto)

- Low Turning Radius - 4m . Best among all Cars in India to easily drive car, turn it in heavy traffic

- Pick up Ability - Pick up Ability of Vehicle is always in conjunction with Weight of Car. Though Power may on Standalone basis terms seems low at 38 BHP, however when used in proportion to weight - the pick up ability is not that bad, as car weighs just (600 - 635 Kg)

- Mileage - Mileage and Nano, goes in sync making it the most Fuel Efficient Petrol Car in India. The Mileage is Awesome at 25 Kmpl (ARAI), for all practical city conditions, one can expect around 19 - 20 Kmpl

- Value for Money - Value for Money is what Tata Nano all about. Nano Top End Model priced at 2.2 Lakh (ex-showrrom Delhi) comes with - Powerful Chilled AC System, Front Door Power Window, Central Lock, Alloy Wheels, Stylish Body Decal, Fog Lights, Music System. Note :- Nano though do not come with Power Steering, but the steering in actual is pretty light as took a test drive personally


Tata Nano Offers

To make your Tata Nano affordable, a host of offers going on in Nano

- EMI Starting at Rs. 4305 (85% / 5 yrs)

- Exchange Bonus of Rs. 30,000 on existing car or Rs. 15,000 on 2 Wheeler + Best Resale Value

- Low Down Payment Option also available


Tata Nano Pricing

Below is Tata Nano Pricing in Major Cities of India :-

Std Nano Cx Nano Lx
Delhi 156000 195000 220000
Ahmedabad 161000 200500 227500
Hyderabad 163000 201000 228000
Guwahati 170000 210000 237000
Patna 162000 202000 229000
Chandigarh 157800 196000 222250
Panjim, Goa 165000 204900 230000
Gurgaon, Haryana 156000 195000 220000
Shimla 159000 198000 225000
Bangalore 165000 204000 230000
Calicut 162000 201000 227500
Mumbai 165000 207000 232000
Thane, Vashi 162000 200000 225000
Ludhiana 159000 197500 224000
Jaipur 161000 200500 226500
Chennai 164000 201000 227500
Kanpur 164000 203000 228000
Dehradun 159000 198000 223000
Kolkatta 167000 204900 231500
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