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Ford Figo Automatic Vs Maruti Swift and Grand i10 Nios AMT. Set Expectation Correct

Ford Figo Automatic Vs Maruti Swift and Grand i10 Nios AMT. Set Expectation Correct

With Ford Figo Automatic Launched in India in 2021. Here are what should be your expectation of Figo against Swift and Grand i10 Nios AMT


Ford Figo Automatic 2021 Vs Swift AMT, Nios AMT

With Ford Figo Automatic re launched in India, but this time in 1.2 Litre Engine, here is what can expect from Ford Figo against its arch rivals - Swift and Grand i10 Nios 


Here are 3 Biggest Advantage of Ford Figo Automatic over Swift AMT and Grand i10 Nios AMT

Transmission Difference: 

Remember, get your basics correct.

  • Is AMT an Automatic Car ? No
  • AMT or Torque Converter ? Torque Converter any day. You feel a proper Automatic Transmission

AMT is not Automatic - its Automated Manual Transmission where role of Clutch and Gear Shift are done by Actuators so as to offer an experience of Manual Transmission Car in a convenient way

While Ford Figo is what offered in Torque Converter. Its a 6 Speed Automatic Gearbox as what essentially a Conventional Automatic Car should be. 

If you feel to drive an Automatic Car - Ford Figo Automatic is what the defacto choice.


Remeber - AMT Cars however advanced they are, have a kind of jerk / pause effect while gear shift happens which is what negligible in a Torque Converter.

So - the biggest difference is Transmission which makes Figo Automatic a superior choice


Handling Dynamics

Ford Figo comes with DNA of Impressive Handling. With

  • Impressive Steering Dynamics
  • Wider R195 Tyres in 15 Inch Wheels with extra grip
  • Cornering Aspect of Car

Remember, Ford Figo handling character comes in cadre of Top 3 hatchback (along with Tata Altroz and Volkswagen Polo). If you think of comparing against Maruti or Hyundai - well Ford has its own DNA in Driving and thats a notch better


Safety Features Aspect

While Maruti Swift scored 2 star, Grand i10 Nios scored 2 star - reality is that Indian Ford Figo is not crash tested so cant really comment on how good the car is in crash worthiness

But where Ford Figo Automatic Differentiates is

  • Standard ESP, Traction Control as differentiating Feature in Automatic Trim
  • Side Airbags and Curtain Airbags as Titanium Plus

For anyone who seek superior safety features - Ford Figo Automatic can end up been better experience


What you wont like in Figo Automatic against Swift AMT and Grand i10 Nios AMT


With Petrol Prices hovering at Rs 100/Litre in almost all major cities - Fuel Efficiency turns out to be a major parameter. Look at what ARAI Claimed Fuel Efficiency is

  • Figo Automatic - 16 Kmpl
  • Swift AMT - 23.78 Kmpl
  • Grand i10 Nios AMT - 20.7 Kmpl

Imples, Swift AMT is nearly close to 50% more Fuel Efficient that Figo Automatic and Grand i10 Nios AMT is near about 30% more Fuel Efficient

and mind you 16 Kmpl is what ARAI Mileage - think of real world conditions

Ford Figo Automatic would definite be having tough time in world of Highest ever Petrol Prices


Lifestyle Features

Indian Consumers look out for lifestyle features as one among key car buying choice. Shockingly Ford Figo Automatic lacks in

  • No Projector Headlights (available in both Swift and Nios)
  • No DRL (available in both Swift and Nios)
  • No Android Auto, Apple Car Play (available in both Swift and Nios)
  • No Rear AC Vents (available in Nios)
  • No Wireless Mobile Charging (available in Nios)

Adding on Interior Aesthetics of Swift and Grand i10 Nios feels better, look at difference of Instrument Cluster, Dash Layout, Infotainment which misses on Live Navigation in Ford Figo

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios looks as most upmarket Car, check interiors


In Cabin Seating Space

Somehow if Space is a deciding factor then to view both Maruti Swift and Hyundai Grand i10 Nios leads ahead in terms of In Cabin Seating Space and In Cabin Storage Option


After Sales Service Network

Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai has unmatched After Sales Service Network



Concerning Sales where Ford Figo Sales in first half of 2021 - 6 months cumulative sales is not even 1000 Units. To Let know Swift and Grand i10 in sales terms is like score of times better sales than Figo (basis first 6 month sales of 2021)

You will find Hyundai Grand i10 Nios and Swift AMT almost everywhere.


Should you buy Ford Figo Automatic

Yes if you seek

  • Superior Safety Features
  • Better Handling Dynamics
  • A Proper Automatic Transmission

However, answer is No if you seek

  • Good Fuel Efficiency - Figo Automatic has lowest Mileage across any mid size hatchback
  • LifeStyle Features
  • Prominent Hit Model of 2021
  • Superior In Cabin Seating Space as key Parameter
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Important: If you seek advise or recommendation, pls raise query in Car Forum instead of posting in comments



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