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Skoda Kushaq Review : Positives and Negatives of Kushaq Explained

Skoda Kushaq Review : Positives and Negatives of Kushaq Explained

Here is Detailed Overview of Skoda Kushaq. Should you buy it over Creta and Seltos with Positives and Negatives Explained in Mid SUV Segment


Skoda Kushaq Review : Challenger to Creta, Seltos Leadership

SUV is what Flavor of Indian Passenger Car Market and Mid Urban SUV Segment is what fast paced and largely dominated by Urban SUV as

  • Hyundai Creta
  • Kia Seltos

in 11 Lakh to 20 Lakh Price Range.

Now comes as Challenger in form of Skoda Kushaq and does Kushaq own a Chance here

Speaking here from

1. Performance: Performance remains the core DNA of Skoda Kushaq. Care for no compromise on

  • Performance Aspect for Fun to Drive
  • Handling in terns of Steering Feedback
  • High Speed Grip, Stability with well tuned suspension

You are at the right place with Skoda Kushaq. Yes, by all standards will love in 1.0 TSI and 1.5 TSI Petrol Engines. Care for Fun, Handling, Strong Mid Range - you will love in both the Engine. Infact, 1.0 TSI feels even better been fine tune up with 114 BHP Power and 178 NM Torque. For all practical reasons - Skoda Kushaq 1.0 TSI is what a notch up car against Competition

You be gentle on accelerator or go strong - will love in power delivery. A mild lag is observed at low rpm under 1800 rpm, but not bothersome. Automatic Transmission is real boon as it further mask in lag in city conditions and post 2000 rpm can get a lot impressive Power Delivery. 

Also, If you care for outright Performance without any compromise and is a true blood enthusiast - 1.5 TSI can be an excellent pick in both Manual and 7 Speed DSG Automatic. But, 1.0 TSI is still a reasonable impressive in Turbo Engine with superior mid range and 6 Speed Torque Converter at expected price point would be a great consideration too.

Only Downside in Manual Transmission is that - Clutch Travel range is longer in Manual Transmission as what seen in Rapid and Vento and this may take slight effort. 

Overall - Skoda Kushaq definite leads as gem of Performance, Impressive Steering, Well Tuned Balanced Suspension - will love every bet of Performance, Handling, Drive aspect and care for best from Kushaq - opt for Automatic Transmission for convenience and clutch free experience.

But - a big miss is that - Trust the way Petrol Prices now more than Rs 100 per Litre - Diesel Engine is what sore missed in. You may end up with no choice except spending in Rs 8 to 10 per km as running cost



2. Space: A Big consideration from buyers to move up from Compact SUV to Mid SUV is what Better Space.Skoda did exceptional work as offering longest Wheelbase SUV in Segment and this does translates in to quiet impressive legroom on rear seat (if you compare against Skoda Rapid and a segment above Karoq too) and Headroom space is good with adjustable head restraints.

But, this SUV is ideal if going to use with 4 Adults.

  • Rear Center Middle Seat is relative raised
  • Rear Center Middle Seat Back is relative firm due to armrest
  • Shoulder room Space is slight Limited

So, if your requirement going to be in terms of 4 Adults then Skoda Kushaq can be a great choice. You will be impressed with Headroom, Legroom and Reasonable Good Under-thigh support with Ingress and Egress is better and this SUV is what near perfect SUV in terms of Space Front for 4 Adults

In terms of Boot Space - Skoda Kushaq Boot Space is at 385 Litres and got deep Boot Space. Dont go by numbers - boot space looks practical to load luggage for long trips due to deep boot.


3. After Sales: Skoda India is doing considerable work in reducing cost of Spare Parts and with 95% localisation we expect quiet competitive after sales service cost. Adding on 4 Year Warranty offer peace of Mind Ownership along with 4 year Prepaid AMC Plans too offering competitive cost of ownership

But, with respect to Service Network - Skoda After Sales Service is quiet limited if you check against rivals from Hyundai and Kia. So much so that some States even do not have single Workshop in entire State.

  • No Skoda Service Center in Uttarakhand
  • Single Dealer Showroom in Entire Andhra Pradesh, Telangana


4.  Features, Looks, Styling: You will be reasonable impressed with fully loaded Modern Lifestyle, Safety and Convenience Features as 

  • ABS, ESP, 6 Airbags
  • ESC as standard across variants
  • Electric Sunroof
  • Ventilated Seats
  • 10 Inch Touchscreen with Android Auto with Impressive Sound Clarity
  • Skoda Sound System 
  • LED HEadlights and DRL, LED Tail Lights

Interiors Feels good with Piano black finish. But Top Notch Fit, Finish and Ergonomics  amkes it good. 

Although in Dimesnions - length, width and height is marginally lesser against competition cars - but this SUV is fairly well proportioned in dimensions.




5. SafetyBuild Quality: Awesome Build Quality. Feesl Sturdy. With ABS, EBD, Dual Airbags and ESC as standard gives a quiet impressive safety aspect

Top of Line Manual Transmission Offers 6 Airbags with TPMS.  Only Miss is that :- No Side Airbags and Curtain in Automatic Model is a wierd Miss.


Final Recommendation: Care for a SUV from

  • Performance
  • Handling 
  • High Speed Dynamics
  • Fun to Drive Experience
  • Great All Round Visibility
  • Excellent Spacious Cabin for 4 Adults
  • Impressive Build Quality

Skoda Kushaq is a great choice. However yes

  • No Diesel Engine Option when Petrol Prices hovering beyond Rs 100 a Litre
  • Cabin where rear seat can have 3 Adults would be relative tight fix
  • Slight Longer Travel Clutch in Manual Transmission

can have there own challenges other than fact why Side Airbags, Curtain Airbags and TPMS are ignored in top of line Automatic TRim

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Guest - Sarath chandra on Friday, 19 November 2021 19:12

Never buy a skoda,its fun initially but becomes headache later on.very poor service providers especially in telangana and andhra pradesh

Never buy a skoda,its fun initially but becomes headache later on.very poor service providers especially in telangana and andhra pradesh
Monday, 04 December 2023

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