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Nissan Magnite Official Review. Positives and Negatives Explained

Nissan Magnite Official Review. Positives and Negatives Explained

Here is Detailed Official Review of Nissan Magnite in Manual and CVT Automatic. Positives and Negatives of Nissan Magnite from a Purchase Call Perspective


Nissan Magnite Official Review

One Car which is what saviour of Japanese Auto Maker Nissan in India is Magnite, which is what sold out with waiting period which spans to as high as 8 Months in India.

Here are details on what you will like and dislike about Nissan Magnite


Engine Performance: 

Magnite is available in 3 Engine-Transmission Choices

1 Litre BR10 Petrol Engine: 71 BHP Power and 96 NM Torque - Although on Papers this Engine may look Weak. But be assured that this 3 cylinder engine has no issues if you :-

  • Drive in Relaxed Way
  • Like Sedate Drive
  • Keep Speed within Limits

Personally checked feedback of few owners who own Non Turbo for long distance travel and got feedback that there is no issue of Pickup or Speed - if you keep expectations correct.

An individual who complete trip of 1200 Kms from Vadodara to Gir Forest area and back reported tank to tank average of 15 Kmpl - with drive spread in Highway, Village and small Forest area - reported no dearth of Power in a way and no such overtaking issue in car.

In terms of Engine Noise - its manageable till speed of 80 Kmph. Post yes will find higher Noise and if going beyond 100 Kmph then pickup would rather be on slower note

To help you understand this 1 Litre Naturally Aspirated Petrol Engine, Yes - there is no sudden surge or boost, but engine tuned in such a way that for masses who been driving entry segment cars in 800cc or 1 Litre Engine in past would definite find good to go with Nissan Magnite.

Having said same - if you compare this 1 Litre Engine with 1.2 Litre Engine as used in Swift, Baleno, I20, Amaze or Jazz types - then yes can find complaints

So - it all depends on what car you driving. If coming from Entry Segment Cars - you will be happy with this Engine Performance 


1 Litre HR10 Turbo Petrol Engine Manual Transmission: 100 PS Power and 160 NM Torque. Its a Turbo charged Engine and definite feels more exciting especially for buyers who seek slight fun as against Naturally aspirated Petrol Engine

Magnite 1 Litre HR10 Petrol Engine although yes is light weight and feels good mid range post 2000 rpm, Turbo lag although there but not bothersome. Although on standalone basis - Engine NVH seems contained, but if you compare against Brezza been pricing in close zone - Brezza feels lot more impressive in 1.5 Petrol Engine over Magnite in way Power Delivery happens.

The biggest issue is Handling aspect of Car - which what takes away experience

The, Price Point at which Magnite 1 Litre Turbo Engine is available overlaps in Maruti Vitara Brezza 1.5 and Tata Nexon Turbo Petrol. As observed, if you considering Nissan Magnite Turbo - you feel somehow better off with Brezza 1.5 and Nexon in Multi Mode with main reason to choose latter car is Handling Dynamics. 


1 Litre HR10 Engine CVT Automatic Transmission: CVT is what signature TRansmission. Care for best from Magnite, opt for CVT as most users experienced - Turbo lag is masked in CVT especially if you drive in Sports Mode. Smooth Pickup, Car return an excellent fuel efficiency on highway and been no clutch makes it fair convenient. 

An Owner in MyCarHelpline Community groups reported that No Vibrations at idle stage, Power is Sufficient, No Lag/Delay observed while overtaking on highway. As reported by Owner She attained speed of 130 Kmph but post 120 Kmph vibrations were noticeable.

If you feel like having Nissan Magnite - CVT Automatic is the best combination Package as offered in.


Handling Dynamics - Biggest Weak Point

Its definite a weak Point of Nissan Magnite and this just takes away the Performance aspect. Yes - Steering is light but once you get on to back of Steering Wheel it feels lifeless at time, Vague on higher Speed. On extreme turns - you sometimes do not find steering to Auto return to center.

Some amount of Vibrations felt on Steering Wheel on Idling. Almost no space after Clutch Pedal to relax left foot.

Suspension is definite on firm note so as to contain Body Roll and deliver good stability on highway, but this Firm Suspension makes bad roads felt in Cabin

If you ask us - Handling Dynamics, Steering Feel, Feedback, No Space after Clutch Pedal in Manual Transmission is what the biggest sore Point of this Car. 

Our Recommendation: When going for Test Drive - do have your family seated on rear seat and experience in car while driving on bad roads. Ultimately - they should not complain of Jerks and Black Claustrophobic Cabin



Seems Space is well optimised and definite find better space if you compare against Venue, Sonet, Ecosport. Thanks to scopped Front Seats - it delivers Good Legroom Space and can have 4 Adults and 1 Kid Seated Comfortably. Headroom Space is good too.

Can find easy Ingress and Egress and senior members of family can a breeze to enter in car.


Exterior Styling

While Exterior Styling with Wide Chrome Front Grille looks upmarket and offers a distinctive element. 16 Inch Alloy Wheels feels good

But, Door feels light. While we have cars in segment like Brezza, XUV300, Nexon which scored 4 Star in Global NCAP - somehow Magnite as crash tested is in ASEAN NCAP (and not Global NCAP) and that too Indonesian Spec one.

Although yes ESP and Traction Control is appreciated as safety in Turbo Petrol Engine



Comes in Dual Interior theme

  • Beige Interior in Non Turbo Edition
  • Black Interior in Turbo Edition

Interior plastic quality looks average with Hard Plastic along with dark interior feels claustrophobic as in Turbo Edition. Overall, Quiet Average in overall Fit and Finish. No Premium appeal 


Key USP Features

Only Car in under 10 Lakh to offer in

  • LED Bi Projector Headlights
  • 360 Degree Camera
  • Yes has TPMS too, but has sensor to depict low Tyre Pressure

which differentiates. Also, has Wireless Android Auto and Apple Car Play. Infotainment Sound Clarity is okay, but infotainment touch is not as fluid as otherwise expected. Feels slow in touch response.



Mileage can vastly vary basis Traffic conditions, average speed, tyre pressure, times braking done, pickup factor and load. Still 

  • 13 to 15 Kmpl in City expected in regular drive which may drop to 11 to 12 Kmpl in Bumper to Bumper Traffic
  • 17 to 20 Kmpl on Highway Drive can be expected

as a reasonable mileage expectation from Nissan Magnite across Variants. Pls note that Manual or CVT, Turbo or Non Turbo - difference is miniscule - hence overall figures referred.


Cost of Ownership, Maintenance

Nissan India offering AMC Maintenance Packages 

  • Silver AMC
  • Gold AMC

and extended Warranty. If Vehicle owner takes extended Warranty and Gold AMC - been 5 year Warranty and 5 Year Gold AMC - it will all cost in Rs 30,000 (all inclusive) which is very competitive.

However - issue is that Service Network is limited and maximum locations have workshop / dealer network owned by single individual only giving Monopolistic situation.

Nissan Magnite 5 Year / 50,000 Kms AMC Gold AMC Silver AMC
Non Turbo Rs 16,300 Rs 11,650
Turbo Rs 17,000 Rs 11,850

For 5 Year / 1 Lakh Kms Warranty is

  • Rs 12,425 for Non Turbo Edition
  • Rs 13,668 for Turbo Edition


Overall Recommendation for Nissan Magnite

You need to set your Expectation Correct with Nissan Magnite. If you driving an entry segment Car in 800cc and 1 Litre Engine and seek to experience a car with raised Ground clearance as what called SUV then choose in Nissan Magnite 1 Litre Naturally Aspirated Petrol Engine in XE, XL and at max XV Model. Somehow if you considering XV Premium Non Turbo for sake of features - to view spend Rs 75000 more and opt for Hyundai Venue S Plus 1.2, Kia Sonet HTK Plus for better handling, performance and slight more quality orientation.

However - if you think of buying in Magnite Turbo in Manual Transmission - somehow Price Point comes in close territory zone of Maruti Vitara Brezza, Tata Nexon and basis Handling aspect of Magnite, Steering Feedback, Interior Aesthetics - we really dont want to recommend Turbo Petrol Engine

But - yes Magnite CVT is definite Value and XL CVT @ 8.39 Lakh, XV CVT @ 9.15 Lakh offers an excellent Value Proposition for buyers looking to own a car with sheer convenience factor in competitive Price Point.

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Important: If you seek advise or recommendation, pls raise query in Car Forum instead of posting in comments



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