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Hyundai Shield of Trust Review. Prices, Inclusions with Hidden Terms Explained

Hyundai Shield of Trust Review. Prices, Inclusions with Hidden Terms Explained

Hyundai Shield of Trust Plan Review. Prices, Inclusions, Exclusions of Hyundai Shield of Trust for Creta, Venue, I20, Verna, Grand i10 Nios, Santro


Hyundai Shield of Trust

Every Car Manufactured offers Warranty on its Car Range where apart from Standard Warranty of 2 to 3 years is what extended Warranty Offered for upto 5 Years from date of Purchase

But this Warranty only includes Mechanical, Electrical and Emission Components and does not provide cover to Wear and Tear Items. Essentially - these Wear and Tear Items replacement if done would be what borne by customer

Hyundai India Offering Shield of Trust Maintenance Plan where existing Car Buyers or Owners of Hyundai Cars can have peace of Mind Ownership by covering 14 Running Repair of Wear and Tear Items essentially as

  • Brake Pads, Brake Disc, Brake Shoe
  • Clutch Plate (Bearing, Clutch Plate, Clutch Cover Assembly)
  • Suspension Components (Engine Mounting, Lower Arm, Bushes)
  • Fuse Replacement
  • Wheel Cylinder
  • Wiper Blade
  • Auxillary Belt
  • Hoses
  • Window Winder
  • Bulbs (Headlight, Tail Light, Indicator, Parking Light)

with Details of these 14 Parts as below

and if any replacement of same required during the tenure Chosen then Customer do not need to pay any amount for same and no Labor Charges too.

Yes - Hyundai Shield of Trust would be honored Pan India, across all Hyundai Authorized Workshop


Price of Hyundai Shield of Trust

Below are Prices of Hyundai Shield of Trust Program as offered

Car Model 2 Year / 40,000 Kms 3 Year / 45,000 Kms 4 Year / 60,000 Kms 5 Year / 60,000 Kms
Santro Rs 3499 Rs 4999 Rs 5999 Rs 6499
Grand i10 Nios Rs 3999 Rs 4999 Rs 6499 Rs 7999
Aura Rs 3999 Rs 5499 Rs 7499 Rs 9999
I20 Rs 4999 Rs 6499 Rs 9999 Rs 12999
Venue Rs 4999 Rs 7499 Rs 8499 Rs 8999
Creta Rs 9999 Rs 13,999 Rs 20999 Rs 25999

At the time of creating Post - only above cars are available


What is NOT Included in Shield of Trust

Anything other than the 14 Parts as referred are not included in Shield of Trust. Do note that a car has many more components for Wear and Tear as

  • Tyres
  • Battery
  • Shockers
  • Even AC Cooling Effectiveness turns low and AC Refreigernat needs top up

Same is not part of Hyundai Shield of Trust Program. Some Common Labor Work which is undertaken by dealer showroom as Brake Cleaning, Wheel Alignment and Balancing would remain as separate paid work.

Also, any Mechanical / Emission / Electrical Parts would be what covered under Hyundai Warranty and wont be covered under Shield of Trust Program.



Should you Consider in Hyundai Shield of Trust

First and Foremost - Hyundai Cars are very reliable and parts do not go bad like that easy.

Still - if you considering Short Tenure for 2 Years or 3 Years then do note that probability remains very low of Wear and Tear Items like Brake Pad, Clutch Plate, Suspension to go bad. 

Only in case where horizon is 

  • 4 Year / 60,000 Kms (if running is on higher Side)
  • 5 Year / 60,000 Kms (For Moderate Running)

Should consider Hyundai Shield of Trust Plan. Also - additionally some Models like Venue DCT, Creta DCT which comes with Dual Clutch Tranmission - it turns to be more important or Creta Diesel where Clutch Assembly Replacement Cost is on higher Side

But Cars like Creta IVT Automatic / Diesel Automatic (where there is no Clutch) or Creta Petrol Manual Transmission may likely be skipped too been 5 Year Plan cost significant amount at Rs 26,000 

But Venue where cost is relatively very competitive or Grand i10 Nios or Aura can be considered under Shield of Trust plan - as just cost 1% of Car Price.

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