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Honda Civic, CRV Discontinued. Is Honda Cars India U Turn Started

Honda Civic, CRV Discontinued. Is Honda Cars India U Turn Started

Honda Cars India to discontinue Civic and CRV in India within 2 Years of Launch. Struggling Times for Honda after Greater Noida Plant Closure


Honda Cars India: Shocking Reality

Honda Cars India - a name which needs no introduction to be what offering the very best of

  • Japanese Engineering
  • Manufactured Iconic Cars for Indian Market

decided to close down Production Plant at Greater Noida and shift entire Manufacturing Operations to Tapukara in Rajasthan

To be noted that Honda Cars India initiated Production in India in Greater Noida Manufactrung set up - almost 23 years ago and started Tapukara plant in 2014 with an aim for expansion in Indian Market

Honda Crv photo

But - things changes so drastically that 

  • Honda CRV which was re launched in 2018 October
  • Honda Civic which was re launched in 2019 January

led to end of these models as both Civic and CRV can not be manufactured in Tapukara Plant - been the Manufacturing set up in Tapukara is designed to manufacture Small and Medium Size Vehicles

Honda Civic photo


Honda Cars India Strategy: Change Needed in Future

Honda Cars India Management slowly revised its strategy towards Premium Segment by

  • Discontinuing Honda Jazz Base Models. To be noted no E, S, SV Models in Jazz and only available in V, Vx and new Top of Line Zx
  • Discontinuing Honda City Base Models. To be noted no E, S Models in City and City only available in SV, V in 4th Generation and 5th Generation in V, Vx and Zx Models
  • Honda Civic when launched was introduced at a premium price in 2019 January and CRV when launched in 2018 October was very close to Fortuner and Endeavour Prices

Somehow - Iconic Cars like Civic and CRV which were showcased in Auto Expo 2018 - led to dead end so soon is what disheartneing

To be noted that Honda Car India despite of spending 23 Years in Indian Market do not feature even in Top 5 Manufacturers and Sales Figures stands at an average of 10,000 Units (September 2020 - October 2020) where City and Amaze what contributes to 75% of Sales, while 

  • Honda Jazz
  • Honda WRV

despite of positioned in Sub 4 Meter Segment are selling not even 2000 Units as Combined Sales on average. To be noted that - Brio, Mobilio and BRV were earlier discontinued by Honda Cars India.

So - unless Honda Change its Stance by introducing

  • 1.5 Litre Engine in WRV
  • Introduced Jazz again in lower end Variants atleast as Jazz S, SV
  • Introduce Honda City 5th Generation in lower end Variants atleast in City S, SV
  • Introduce Proper Sub 4 Meter Compact SUV with its Iconic 1.5 Litre Ivtec Petrol Engine

things would remain to be challenging for Honda Cars India

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