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How to Book Train Tickets through SMS.Book Rail Ticket on Mobile

How to Book Train Tickets through SMS.Book Rail Ticket on Mobile

With SMS Booking Facility allowed for booking Railway Tickets in India, know how to book your next journey tickets through Mobile Banking in India


Train Ticket through SMS

With over 900 Million i.e 90 crore Mobile users in India, it has become an indispensable part of life as what is Electricity and Water in India. A couple of hours without mobile makes a person feel handicap. With Mobile Internet, Mobile Banking and Mobile Money Transfer - now comes booking your next train tickets through SMS - which even does not require GPRS or 3G connection for internet.

Yes, Indian railway has made it possible to shift load from IRCTC by allowing mobile users to book tickets without even using Internet - through Simple SMS. So below is the process and pre-requisite for booking :-

Pre - Requisite Factors

a) User Account in IRCTC

b) Mobile Number to be registered in Bank

c) Same Mobile Number to be registered in IRCTC

d) OTP (One time Password )

e) MMID (MMID Full Form is Mobile Money Transfer Identifier). Through MMID the money transfer is now possible through mobile


How to Generate MMID (for leading Banks)

For ICICI Users - "Dial *525# >> ICICI Bank Mobile Banking menu will appear. Enter 5 to Retrieve MMID >> Enter the last 6 digits of the account number for which MMID needs to be generated >> Your 7-digit MMID will be displayed"

For Axis Bank Users - Sms MBANK to 5676782 . It will send a download link through which the MMID number will be generated

For HDFC Bank Users - Sms MMID to 5676712

For SBI Users - " For obtaining MMID for other accounts, they may visit the Branch and apply for MMID by filling up a form. You can also generate MMID for all your accounts enable for Mobile Banking Service, through menu option- IMPS- Generate MMID"


Process of Booking Tickets

Step A - Sending SMS

Book Train Number     City From     Destination Point    Date of Travel      Class     1st Passenger Name   Age    Sex     2nd Passenger Name    Age  Sex    3rd Passenger Name  Age   Sex       4th Passenger Name    Age Sex    5th Passenger Name   Age  Sex    6th Passenger Name     Age  Sex

Above is the code for sending SMS and SMS to be sent on 2 numbers either 139 or 5676714


- Train Number - Train Number as per Indian Railways

- City From - City where you want to board the train. Not the exact name of city rather city name coded as per IRCTC. For eg New Delhi as NDLS, Chandigarh as CDG

- Destination Point - City where you want to reach. Not the exact name rather as per IRCTC. For ex Mumbai Central is coded as BCT, Dehradun as DDN

- Class - SL for Sleeper, FC for First Class Non AC, CC for Chair Car, 3A for 3rd AC, 2A for 2nd AC, 1A for 1st AC

- Note 2nd Passenger to 6th Passenger Names are optional


Sample SMS :- Book 12952 NDLS BCT 0209 2A Gagan 33 M       ........... Send this as SMS on 139 or 5676714 - These are the numbers for booking train confirmation

Decoding of above SMS :- Here 12952 is train number of Mumbai Rajdhani, NDLS is boarding Station i.e New Delhi, BCT is destination point i.e Mumbai Central, 0209 is date of travel i.e 2nd September, 2A is 2nd AC Coach, Gagan is passenger name, 33 is age of passenger, M is Male


Step B - Acknowledgement and Status Message from Railways

Then, you will receive an acknowledgement SMS from Railways stating the transaction id, status of seat availability and booking amount along with further payment instruction on how to book the ticket. Also, it will also have the exact sms to be sent for booking the ticket.


Step C - Payment SMS

You will now have to sms :- Pay Transaction ID        IMPS ID    OTP (One time Password )    IRCTC User ID    .... Send this on 139 or 5676714

Transaction ID - is the ID which you will get as acknowledgement in Step B from Railways while confirming status

IMPS ID and One time Password - To be generated from Bank Side

IRCTC User ID - The User name of your IRCTC Account

On, message been sent successfully - your ticket confirmation SMS Will be sent on your mobile


How to Get Information on Train Number, Station Code ?

Either use IRCTC Site or any booking site like Cleartrip or Makemy trip for these details or else may click here for getting details about it

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