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Hyundai removed Handling Charge, Logistic Charge on Car Range

Hyundai removed Handling Charge, Logistic Charge on Car Range

Hyundai India drops Handling Charge, Logistic Charges from Price List effective October 2020. 2 Months back Tata Motors also dropped Handling Charges


No More Dealer Handling Charge for Hyundai Cars

Good News for Car Buyers, as Hyundai India too offcially dropped Dealer Handling Charge (Logistic Charges) from Price List. Thanks to MyCarHelpline Campaign for Car Buyers where several consumer awareness videos been made and shared periodically

which led consumers wrote down repetitively to Manucfacturer for waiver of this duboius Handling Charge. Earlier Tata Motor removed this Handling Charge from Price List in August 2020, and now from October 2020 onwards - Hyundai India too ask dealer shworoom to remove this Handling Charge from Price List

On random basis - we checked Price List of Hyundai Cars for Delhi, NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore - finally no Handling Charge referred in Price List.

Thanks to Consumer Power and MyCarHelpline Campaign which led Manufacturer drop in this Handling Charge from Price List. So, can confirm that no such Handling Charge, Logistic Charges is what charged by

  • Maruti Suzuki
  • Hyundai
  • Honda
  • Ford
  • Tata Motors
  • Kia Motors

Dealer showrooms.


Hyundai Cars Price Hike - Effective October 2020

Every year, Car Manufacturer revise Prices for 2 to 3 Times

Some may find correlation with a Price Hike, well it was long due as Hyundai India increased prices earlier in February 2020 and due to devaluating Currency, increased input costs, higher competition a price hike was inevitable and as Manufacturer Hyundai increased prices to extent of Rs 5500 - 6500 on Hatchback Cars while around Rs 11,900 price hike was done for Creta (except Ex Petrol where company corrected prices to Rs 10.6 Lakh). However, there is absolute no correlation of Price Hike with Waiver of Dealer Handling Charge

But, flip side is that every customer who is been planning to buy New Car and even booked Hyundai Car will have to face price hike. Yes, as per terms and conditions - Price applicable at date of delivery is what applicable and is not basis the booking date

So, even if you made booking lot earlier and even made a substantial payment - revised prices are what which would be applicable to consumers on buying Hyundai Cars.

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