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Maruti S Cross Petrol Review. Love or Hate it but cant Ignore S Cross

Maruti S Cross Petrol Review. Love or Hate it but cant Ignore S Cross

Maruti S Cross Petrol Official Review. Detailed Positives and Negatives Explained of S Cross Petrol from Buyer Perspective of Manual, Automatic Transmission


Maruti S Cross Petrol Review

Maruti S Cross got a big change in 2020 which is what the choice of 1.5 Litre K15 Petrol Engine been introduced as replacement to older 1.3 DDIS 200 Engine

This has completely changed the dynamics of S Cross in the segment and here are details of S Cross Petrol if you considering same


Engine Performance, Handling, Suspension

S Cross Petrol is powered with Smart Hybrid 1.5 Litre K15, 4 Cylinder Petrol Engine with 104.7 PS Power and 138 NM Torque. Been is what a naturally aspirated Petrol Engine and S Cross been a heavier car - the Power Delivery is what linear and going to impress in masses

Good Low End to clean pullup in Mid range and 0 to 80 Kmph Speed is absolute a breeze. No Lag, no under-powered feel - be gentle on throttle and S Cross Petrol going to bring smile on your face. Steering yes gains weight but again is what masses will love. 

Suspension yes is slight on stiffer side and in city bad roads, bumps will marginally feel in cabin but its not that stiff too be called uncomfortable. Overall, the way if we speak about S Cross handling, power delivery, pickup, suspension as factor - any one who seek a car as for day to day drive as upgrade from Hatchback, Compact Sedan would be reasonable impressed with S Cross Petrol

Adding on to fact S Cross Braking is top notch and right from speed at 80 to 100 - brakes are tested and feels impressive. Yes S Cross all 4 Disc brakes do makes a difference.

Also, 180 mm Ground Clearance is what a plus Point where you can find S Cross clearing relative raised speed breakers, potholes easily

Downside :- Well, yes its not a Performance Oriented car - care for Superior Mid range, care for best in class Steering feedback on higher speed - would be slight disappointed.


S Cross Automatic: Well is what essentially a 4 Speed Automatic Transmission. To Disclaim - this 4 Speed Automatic should only be considered for those who

  • Seek a Car with Raised Ground Clerance as priority but also believe in Driving in Very Relaxed Manner

Certainly - for any one who believe in even slight fun, pep will be highly disappointed. You just tend to be slight heavier on acceleration - will be disappointed as Engine RPM will increase, Engine Noise will increase but Pickup just not match up with it.

This 4 Speed Automatic Transmission essentially felt as what a perfect choice for Senior Members of Family who drive in relaxed way and yet seek a car with Good Build, Handling, Raised Ground Clearance

But for youth and any one seek a slight fun - recommended for Manual Transmission - even clutch is light in Manual Transmission and its not a pain plus you will experience in better fun as against Automatic Transmission.


Space, Seating Comfort : 

Will be reasonable impressed as thats a strong Point for S Cross. With 2600 mm Wheelbase and Wide cabin with width of 1785 mm - it actually can have comfortable seating space, position with good legroom even if 2 passengers back to back seating of 6" Height in S Cross

2 Way adjustable Recline Rear seats in S Cross Zeta, Alpha means can adjust for more comfy way. Its fairly easy to enter in cabin with easy Ingress, Egress


Only Downside to a marginal extent is that Under-thigh support is slight average and no Adjustable Head Restraints on Rear Center Middle Seat and seat base is slight lifted. 

However yes, Window Lines are bigger and yes S Cross is best suited for 4 Adults and 1 Kid on Rear Center Seat. In terms of Boot Space its reasonable at 353 Litre - not very large but easy loading lip and wider boot area makes it a good storage choice optuon



Safety, Build Quality : 

Maruti Suzuki as manufacturer is proud of S Cross Build Quality. However, do note that S Cross is based on same Heartect Chassis Platform as what used in Alto, Wagon R, Baleno, Swift, Ertiga

Also, S Cross as what sold in India lacks Advanced Safety of Side Airbags, Curtain Airbags in both Manual and Automatic Version. Also - lacks ESP feature too which is what turning out to be essential one in safety aspect.

But yes with All 4 Disc Brakes - S Cross comes with Impressive Braking along with ABS EBD Brake Assist and Dual Airbags.


After Sales, Service, Maintenance: 

Cost of Ownership plays an important role and S Cross after sales service Maintenance cost is very competitive. Adding on Proven Reliability, Extended After Sales Service network where Nexa cars can be serviced at Dedicated Nexa Workshops or regular Maruti Suzuki Workshops - will be impressed with S Cross after sales service

Check out S Cross Petrol Scheduled Service Cost - will cost in range of Rs 6000 to 6500 as indicative cost


Looks, Styling, Features:

S Cross comes with Chrome Front Grille which looks impressive. Stylish 16 Inch Machine Cut Alloy Wheel, Wheel Arch Cladding along with clean rear design makes S Cross proportinate and stylish

No Doubt S Cross looks impressive in Cabin too with clean Interior Styling, Piano Black Finish on Center Fascia, Color MID Instrument cluster and Soft Touch Dashboard layout

However, 7 Inch Smart Play Touchscreen feels slight outdated in times when competition offering more features and superior infotainment response. Also, Steering feels like of yerteryear Maruti Suzuki Cars - a different Flat bottom Steering was much needed to mark a differentiation but sadly is not there in S Cross

In terms of Features, S Cross is reasonable impressive right from Sigma Model - however care for Modern Age Features and recline rear Seats - considering Checking out S Cross Zeta or Alpha model for the very best of experience of S Cross.


Maruti S Cross Petrol Mileage

'Deti Kitna Hai' - This Punchline is what the USP of Maruti Suzuki Cars

Although is a Smart Hybrid Petrol Engine having claimed Mileage of 18.55 Kmpl in Manual Transmission and 18.43 Kmpl in Automatic Transmission

But in real world drive conditions, basis heavier weight of S Cross - anything around 12 to 13 Kmpl for Manual and 11 to 12 Kmpl for Automatic should be considered a reasonable expectation, while on highway anything around 15 to 16 Kmpl in Manual and 14 to 15 Kmpl on Automatic Transmission can be a reasonable expectation for S Cross Automatic


Overall Recommendation for Maruti S Cross

S Cross is not a car which can be on radar of Enthusiasts but is what a car which people who going to use it as Mobility Solution for Commuting with Good Power Delivery, Brakes, Performance, In City Steering Feedback with Good Build, Space is what the key USP

Adding on High Reliability, Competitive Maintenance, Good Space, Features and Clean Exterior Styling, Interiors, Raised Ground Clearance and Price Point all what makes S Cross a good value proposition

Recommended Value Buy Variants to consider in S Cross

  • S Cross Sigma Petrol - Rs 8.39 Lakh
  • S Cross Zeta Petrol - Rs 9.95 Lakh

as they what calls for value buy Models in Manual Transmission

Somehow, if you considering Automatic Transmission then S Cross Zeta Automatic at Rs 11.18 Lakh can be considered in.

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