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MG Gloster Vs Toyota Fortuner Review. Positives, Negatives Explained

MG Gloster Vs Toyota Fortuner Review. Positives, Negatives Explained

Here is MG Gloster Pitched against Toyota Fortuner for the very best of Experience in 7 Seater SUV Segment.  Details about MG Gloster SUV


MG Gloster - Redefining 7 Seater SUV Segment 

MG Gloster is right here as what the premium most offering from MG Motors India. So here are details on Gloster which can be what on radar of buyers looking for 7 Seater SUV Car.

So first comes first the Specification Comparison of MG Gloster with 2 Established players - Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour

Specifications MG Gloster Toyota Fortuner Ford Endeavour
Length (mm) 4985 mm 4795 mm 4892 mm
Width (mm) 1926 mm 1855 mm 1860 mm
Height (mm) 1867 mm 1835 mm 1837 mm
Wheelbase (mm) 2950 mm 2750 mm 2850 mm
Wheels 19 Inch Alloys 17 Inch Alloys 18 Inch Alloys
Engine 2 Litre Twin Turbo 2.8 Litre 2 Litre
Transmission 8 Speed Automatic 6 Speed Automatic 10 Speed Automatic
Driveline 4x4 4x2, 4x4 4x2, 4x4
Max. Power (PS @ rpm) 215 BHP 174 BHP 168 BHP
Max Torque (Nm @ rpm) 480 NM 420 NM 420 NM


Looks, Exteriors, Interiors

Be Assure - care for a Macho SUV - MG Gloster will unleash in the proud feel of Larger and Stylish Macho SUV. So - here is how MG Gloster looks as against direct Rival Toyota Fortuner

Front Fascia

Rear Looks

Yes - MG Gloster looks Longer, Wider and Taller as against Toyota Fortuner and even is actually Longest, Widest and Tallest SUV in the segment 


Hows MG Gloster to Drive - Performance, Handling, Suspension


In nutshell its awesome

Most powerful 2 Litre Twin Turbo Diesel Engine with 215 BHP Power and 480 NM Torque in 8 Speed Automatic Transmission with Exceptional Mid range.  Not only Powerful but the best part of Gloster is Ride and Handling. 

Impeccable Suspension Dynamics or rather should say nearly the benchmark. it just glide on bad roads as what to levels close to the best. Drive on broken roads, drive on sand, mud, city – absolute spot on

Despite of SUV been mammoth size of 5 Meter - Very Light Steering at low speed and its feather in terms of turning car, you will simply love the ride experience of Gloster and for parking in easily comes Auto Park Assist feature.

Aiding on for Enthusiastic drivers is what Paddle Shifters for experiencing the very fun of this Automatic Transmission. Steering is accurate, brakes spot



Only downside is that theres a definite turbo lag under 2000 rpm and at the beginning or when taking from standstill - it feels that your Panther is taking time to wake up but all that lag goes away as mid range is awesome.

Been a Tall SUV, body roll yes is definite there for the SUV of this kind due to raised Ground Clearance and height factor


Seating Space is a very crucial element in these 7 seater SUV


Driver and Co-Passenger Seats are well comfy. Comes with Electric Driver Seat with Massage Function with good lumbar support, under-thigh support and will love in MG Gloster Seats

2nd Row seats are what one among best points. They are captain seats which you can slide, recline and adjust to best seating position with Independent Armrest. Seats are well comfy

Even ingress and Egress is very easy for 3rd Row. You can enter in 3rd Row either from Gap between 2 Captain row seats on 2nd Row or Tumble in 2nd Row and enter in 3rd Row with Ease

3rd Row seats are roomier enough to accommodate 2 adults (though it’s still best suited to some one with average build and height of 5'4"), and there is still adequate room for luggage with all three rows in use with almost 350 Litre Boot Space. 3rd Row too comes with Adjustable Head Restraints


Although 1st Row and 2nd Row are well comfy but Under-thigh Support on 3rd Row felt average in MG Gloster

Refer this Video to get details on MG Gloster Seating Space


Impressive Technology and Segment First Features List

Technology Features are awesome in MG Gloster. Its the first Autonomous Level 1 SUV of India

Although List is comprehensive but my personal favorites are

  • Adaptive Cruise Control : You going on highway and set cruise control. Suddenly car in front reduce in speed, then MG Gloster adaptive cruise control will also reduce in speed automatically through camera and sensors which trigger on ECU to reduce speed and as soon as the car ahead increase its speed - MG Gloster through its camera and sensor will sense it and will also set speed back to normal one
  • Auto Park Assist : Yes, your MG Gloster will also feature in Auto Park Assist where through Sensors and Camera will find a position to park in Car 
  • Electric Driver Seat with Memory Function : Yes, Memory Seat option which will ensure that you always get on to your preset Driver Seat Position
  • Fatigue Reminder : Through several smart warning alerts including lane departure warning, collission warning and Fatigue reminder when driven car for long distance will ensure safety of passenger



The 12.3 Inch Touchscreen resolution and display clarity felt very average. Pixel clarity is very average

Also, i personally is not fan of Voice Command. It although looks cool at the first instance but takes time a but to execute


Safety and Build Quality of MG Gloster

Key Highlights are 

  • Impressive braking with ABS, EBD Brake Assist, All 4 Disc Brakes and reasonably very impressive brakes
  • Autonomous safety features – lane departure, collision warning
  • Front, side and Curain airbag
  • Yes, ESP, All 4 disc brakes, traction control, hill descent, hill launch, parking sensor in front rear, 360 degree camera 
  • Sturdy Build Quality. MG used very best of advanced high intensity grade steel

No Complaints at all for Safety. Will be reasonable impressed with MG Gloster


Peace of Mind Ownership - MG Gloster

MG Motor India likely to introduce Gloster with same Formula

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 5 Year Road Side Assistance
  • 5 Labor Free Services

which will all ensure Peace of Mind Ownership in MG Gloster

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