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Maruti Nexa Car CSD Prices. CSD Canteen Baleno, Ciaz, Ignis, XL6 and S Cross

Maruti Nexa Car CSD Prices. CSD Canteen Baleno, Ciaz, Ignis, XL6 and S Cross

Maruti Suzuki Nexa Cars CSD Canteen Prices. Latest CSD Prices of Maruti Baleno, Ciaz, Ignis, XL6 and S Cross Cars in 2020


Maruti Suzuki Nexa CSD Prices - Last Updated in September 2020

Maruti Suzuki Offering in Nexa Car Range through CSD Canteen. All Models

  • Ignis
  • Baleno
  • Ciaz
  • XL6

are available through CSD Canteen and S Cross Petrol will soon be listed in it

Below are latest Prices of Maruti Suzuki Nexa Cars through CSD Canteen after applicable Consumer Offers

Only Exchange Bonus is what would be available for Consumers


Maruti Ignis CSD Canteen Prices

Maruti Suzuki Ignis photo

Maruti Ignis - None of a Kind, matches perfectly well with the theme and differentiation the crossover look car is aiming at

Proven Engine Performance, Descent Handling, Differentiating Looks, Safety Features as Standard, Styling, Raised Ground Clearance, Good Mileage, Reliability is all what makes Maruti Ignis an excellent choice for Buyers

Ignis Zeta is a perfect upgrade choice for Buyers looking for High End Features, Styling and has love for Unique Road Presence. Ignis Zeta comes in Dual Contrast Roof Choices of Tinsel Blue and Uptown Red in Contrast Black Roof, while Tinsel Blue also available in Contrast White Roof

Some Key Stats of Maruti Ignis

» Power to Body weight - 84.3 PS Power in Kerb Weight of 830 Kg - makes it the most Powerful Car in Power to Body Weight in its class 

» Spacious Boot of 260 Litre, Low Turning Radius of 4.7 Meter, 15 Inch Wheel, 180mm Ground clearance - all is impressive

Below are Latest Prices of Maruti Ignis on buying through CSD Canteen

Maruti Ignis CSD Price
Ignis Sigma Rs 4.06 Lakh
Ignis Delta Rs 4.7 Lakh
Ignis Zeta Rs 5.19 Lakh
Ignis Alpha Rs 5.75 Lakh
Ignis Delta AMT Rs 5.12 Lakh
Ignis Zeta AMT Rs 5.6 Lakh
Ignis Alpha AMT Rs 6.05 Lakh


Maruti Baleno CSD Canteen Prices

Maruti Suzuki Baleno photo

Premium Nexa Experience from Maruti Suzuki - just gets bigger with all new Baleno

Build on altogether new Chassis Platform - for enhanced rigidity, body weight control for enhanced Power to Body Weight Output, Mileage, Rich Safety Specs and Top of Line Styling Element - Maruti Baleno is right here in Futuristic Product launches from house of Maruti Suzuki

Differentiating Element is the Package Offering from Baleno - Space, Style, Safety with Low Ownership Costs. Powered by 1.2 Litre VVT Engine in BS6 Compliance in 5 Speed Manual Transmission, its peak Power Output is 83.2 BHP with Torque of 115 NM - Low Body Weight - makes the car peppy and fun to drive in

Maruti Baleno CSD Price
Baleno Sigma Rs 4.7 Lakh
Baleno Delta Rs 5.42 Lakh
Baleno Zeta Rs 5.9 Lakh
Baleno Alpha Rs 6.45 Lakh
Baleno Delta Automatic Rs 6.61 Lakh
Baleno Zeta Automatic Rs 7.11 Lakh
Baleno Alpha Automatic Rs 7.66 Lakh


Maruti Ciaz CSD Canteen Prices


Maruti Suzuki Ciaz photo

Maruti Ciaz 2020 is all new Feature Rich, Styling with better Value Proposition to Customers. Not only Stylish, Spacious but Highly Fuel Efficient with Proven After Sales Service Network - and Top of all Budget Price - Maruti Ciaz is what is there to be an Ideal Pick for those looking for Premium Car in 8 to 10 Lakh.

Available in 5 Speed Manual Transmission in new 1.5 Litre Smart Hybrid Petrol Engine delivers Peak Power of 104 BHP with Peak Torque of 138 NM. It offers a reasonably good drive in City and Mid Range. Add on Comfort of Space, Rich Features, Styling, Class Leading Mileage and Reliability Factor - New Ciaz definitely deserves to be on Value Buy Attention

Maruti Ciaz CSD Canteen Price
Ciaz sigma Hybrid Rs 7.2 Lakh
Ciaz Delta Hybrid Rs 7.7 Lakh
Ciaz Zeta Hybrid Rs 8.41 Lakh
Ciaz Alpha Hybrid Rs 8.74 Lakh
Ciaz Delta Automatic Rs 8.65 Lakh
Ciaz Zeta Automatic Rs 9.4 Lakh
Ciaz Alpha Automatic Rs 9.66 Lakh


Maruti XL6 CSD Canteen Prices

Maruti Suzuki XL6 photo


Maruti XL6 as what Popularly called as Ertiga 6 Seater or Ertiga Cross is what Premium MPV Offering from Nexa Showroom, but carriers on design Language of SUV with Skid Plates, Side Cladding, Wheel Arch Cladding, Black Alloys, Roof Rails, Quad Chamber LED Lights, Sporty Black Interior with Stone Finish Dash Layout

Powered by 1.5 Litre K15 Petrol Engine in BS6 Compliance with Peak Power of 105 PS and Torque of 138 NM - XL6 is only available in Petrol Engine in 5 Speed Manual and 4 Speed Automatic Transmission

MARUTI XL6 CSD Canteen Price
XL6 Zeta Rs 8.66 Lakh
XL6 Alpha Rs 9.16 Lakh
XL6 Zeta Automatic Rs 9.63 Lakh
XL6 Alpha Automatic Rs 10.13 Lakh


Maruti S Cross Petrol CSD Canteen Prices

Maruti Suzuki S Cross photo

Maruti S Cross Petrol is recently been launched not yet indexed in CSD Canteen

It may likely be introduced in around October - November 2020 in CSD Canteen.

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