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Honda City 2020 Official Review. Why you cant Miss Honda City in Mid Segment

Honda City 2020 Official Review. Why you cant Miss Honda City in Mid Segment

With all New Honda City 5th Generation been Longer, Wider, Powerful with Improved Features and Styling here are what Positives and Negatives of Honda City in Review


Honda City 2020 Official Review

Honda City is what an Iconic Brand in Mid Sedan Segment and even after 22 years of its 1st Gen Launch in India is what the top pick among buyers in Sedan Segment

Now in its 5th Generation - All New City is improvised by been

  • Longer, Wider with More Spacious then ever
  • More Powerful with Improved Dual Overhead Cam Shaft
  • Looks more Elegenat, Upmarket in Interiors
  • Safer with Highest Set of Safety Features ever Witnessed in City
  • Tech Friendly with Connected Car Solution and Remote Engine Start, Stop Feature

here is what can expect of 5th Gen Honda City


Engine Performance: The way Power Flows in 1.5 Ivtec Engine with 121 PS Power and 145 NM Torque in 6 Speed Manual and CVT Automatic - you going to love in response. Low End, Mid Range to even at around 5000 rpm - the kind of Honda IVtec Engine Power Delivery band goes in, it definitely going to bring a smile on the face

No Second thoughts that with improved Dual Overhead Cam Shaft - Honda Ivtec Engine is the most responsive, fun to drive and revv friendly Naturally Aspirated Petrol Engine can expect in class. Absolutely - no complaints from Engine Perspective

But yes - slight higher Engine Noise levels are felt in cabin in 5th Generation City. Its definite not as silent as otherwise is 4th Generation one.



Drive and Handling: Unlike its previous Generations - Honda Cars India softened up Suspension and this aids in superior comfort and Plush drive. For those Vehicle Owners who drive on Good City Roads, Good Highway Roads will instant fall in love with Plush Ride Experience. 

Even Steering Feedback is reasonable better when you compare Honda City arch rival Hyundai Verna. Steering gains weight on high speed. However, yes if you check out VW Vento, Skoda Rapid - considering the way Rapid, Vento steer in corners, with impeccable steering feedback - its not a Sporty kind of tune up in City but rather comfort oriented drive.

Having said same - you may experience in body roll and care for car where you love high speed Handling Dynamics, High Speed Stability - somehow City 2020 may not prove in best in same and further downpoint is tyre size at R15 175 Tyres and R16 185 Tyres which do not give that added grip as otherwise required.

Overall yes is plush ride, handling within city and on good city roads - but somehow competition cars in similar price like Kia Seltos, Hyundai Creta or Sedan one like VW Vento, Skoda Rapid offers superior grip, handling and better stable feel for enthu drive.

Honda City 2020 : 5 Negatives which no one else will tell


Automatic Transmission: Honda City also available in CVT Automatic with Paddle Shifters. While on drive mode its a car for those who love relaxed drive and seek a sedan car where they tend to be slight light foot on accelerator. Care for Fuel Efficiency - Press in Eco Mode Button and car will just go on with lesser torque but optimised for Fuel Effiency

Yes, City CVT is best suited for those buyer who drive car in calm composed way who do not believe in hard response accelerator pedal. Although for slight enthu performance Slot gear in Sports Mode and even for better fun use Paddle Shifters, but trust you cant enjoy the fun as much as what otherwise is in Manual Transmission.

Overall, to conclude for Honda City CVT Automatic - CVT Response is reasonable good with light foot, car moves in Swiftly and no complaints however care for a strong throttle response - Engine RPM will increase, Noise level will increase and accelerator response do not match in as inherent characterstic of CVT. But comparing Honda City CVT response when compared against Verna IMT or Ciaz 4 Speed Automatic or Yaris J CVT - you will still find City as overall better one for drive, but needless to mention care for very best check out Hyundai Verna DCT Automatic which can transform a different driving experience and fun 


Space and Seating Comfort: Honda known for Space factor and yes 5th Gen Honda City even is longest of all among all Mid Sedan Cars and feels more Spacious with improved Width. 5 Adults can yes comfortably seat in

Rear Under-thigh support although not the best but yes is comfortable for average Indian Height and Rear Seat Comfort feels better than Maruti Ciaz. Ingress and Egress is easier and seats are not placed as low as what felt in Vento, Rapid or Verna. Even Seat Cushion feels like Sofa like Plush Seats for a Superior Experience

Only Downside on Rear is Fixed Headrest and Limited Headroom. 



Looks, Styling: Although is Subjective but yes All New City looks more Premium than ever especially from Interior Perspective with Wooden Trim on Dash, Bigger 8 Inch Touchscreen, All New Layout theme, Instrument Cluster theme and yes no more Touch Panel on AC Vents as replaced by Rotary Knob Button

Honda City VMT Vs. Vx, Zx 2020 Model Differences, Features, Price

From Exterior Front - City looks like a Big Car and even on first instance can give you a feel like of Executive Sedan kind. Its not Sporty but will definite catch in attention. Top End Honda City Zx comes with Full LED Headligt with 9 Array Inline LED Lights, LED Front Fog Light which catches attention instantly

Only Downside is side Profile where 15 Inch R175 or 16 Inch R185 Tyres do not fit in perfect. Should have been Wider R16 195 Tyres as standard not only for looks but even superior handling perspective on high speed which Honda City is capable of



Safety: Good Part is New City is spruced up with even Better Safety as

  • ESP, Vehicle Stability Assist, Hill Start Assist as Standard
  • Lowline Tyre Pressure Monitoring System as Standard
  • Lane Watch Camera in City Zx
  • Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror in Vx and Zx 
  • 6 Airbags now available in both Vx and Zx Trim (earlier in 4th Gen used to be available on in Zx)

Only Con is Rear Disc Brakes which is what Missing in New Gen City too. Honda Used to provide Rear Disc Brakes in 2nd Gen City and had it been given would have certainly made it top slot



Service: Buying a Honda City wont complain you on Pockets too, as New Gen Honda City Scheduled Service Interval is now at 10,000 Kms / 12 Month as against what it was at 10,000 Kms / 6 Month 

This will definte bring down Scheduled Service Cost to extent of 40%. You can go for 3 Year / 30,000 Kms Prepaid Service Package at just Rs 13,500 for City Petrol Manual Transmission with Synthetic Oil Replacement and Rs 15,000 for Honda City CVT Automatic and Rs 18,000 for City Diesel

Also - Honda Cars India Offering 3 Year Unlimited Kms Warranty as Standard extendable to 4th and 5th Year for a small sum of Rs 12,000

Considering Honda Reliability and fact of longer replacement Interval - New Gen City not going to hit on your pockets too


Improved Technology Features: Yes to enhance Customer Experience - technological advancement features also incorporate Part of All New City

  • Remote Engine Start-Stop through your Mobile
  • Alexa Compatible
  • Remote Operated Sunroof and Power Window in City Zx
  • Connected Car Feature

you going to love in All New City. Yes, blind view monitor in terms of Lane Watch Camera when you take on indicator for right turn turns active for a camera view in Touchscreen with even gridlines shown in it, but Camera clarity felt very average. Not the best of visibility.


Infotainment: Although is a bigger 8 Inch Touchscreen Unit and available with all Features like Android Auto, Apple Car Play, Voice Command and fair speaker quality - but this is a slight weakpoint as the way Competition Improved Touchscreen Intutiveness and Display - seems Honda lacking a bit

Not the best of Visibility and not the best of Experience especially if you compare against Hyundai 8 Inch Blue Link or 10.25 Inch Touchscreen as what used in Creta, Seltos or 7 Inch Sync3 Touchscreen response as used in Ford Ecosport. Screen felt slight grainy and pixel clarity not the best

Sound Clarity feels okay in Honda city but again competition segment moved up the game.


Overall Recommendation for All New Honda City

Yes - Tall Passenger on Rear Seat may not be like Fixed Headrest on Rear Seat, Infotainment is not Best in Class and Smaller Tyres with Soft Suspension are a down Point from Enthusiast Perspective and surprisingly Engine Noise levels are on higher side in 5th Generation City

But - You just cant go wrong with Honda City. From Reliability, Space, Styling, Improved Safety, Improved Technological Features and Styling Element - New Gen City is one among best overall Value Propositions among Passenger Car Segment. Adding on Longer 12 Month Scheduled Service Replacement adds on further charm.

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Important: If you seek advise or recommendation, pls raise query in Car Forum instead of posting in comments


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Guest - Vipul bhowar on Monday, 07 September 2020 14:50

Hi Gagan

I have received an offer for the 4th gen city zx at 15 lacs will you recommend buying this or buying the 5th gen vx version

Hi Gagan I have received an offer for the 4th gen city zx at 15 lacs will you recommend buying this or buying the 5th gen vx version
Sunday, 28 February 2021

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