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Hyundai Creta Vs Kia Seltos. Your Guide for Best SUV in Creta, Seltos

Hyundai Creta Vs Kia Seltos. Your Guide for Best SUV in Creta, Seltos

Considering a Choice in between Hyundai Creta and Kia Seltos. Here are some Key Differences which you should consider while making a choice for your Dream SUV


Hyundai Creta Vs Kia Seltos

If a buyer considering an Urban Mid SUV then chances are

  • Kia Seltos
  • Hyundai Creta

are what featuring in Top Slot and Confusion is all set for which SUV to Buy. Although Kia at global level is part of Hyundai Family, but for Indian Market is what Kia operating as independent entity having

  • Separate Manufacturing
  • Separate Vendors (some common Vendors are there although)
  • Has Difference in Service Interval
  • Separate Sales and After Sales Service Network

Yes - DNA remains same of Engine, Transmission and Build Quality Perspective but are still considerable differences and same explained here

Starting with Specifications

  • 1.5 Litre Petrol Engine with 115 PS Power and 147 NM Torque in 6 Speed Manual, IVT Automatic
  • 1.5 Litre Diesel Engine with 115 PS Power and 250 NM Torque in 6 Speed Manual, 6 Speed Automatic
  • 1.4 Litre Turbo GDI Petrol Engine with 140 PS Power and 242 NM Torque in 6 Speed Manual, 7 Speed DCT Automatic

Fuel Efficiency Levels are almost similar. In terms of Specifications

  Kia Seltos Hyundai Creta
Length  4315 mm 4300 mm
Width 1800 mm 1790 mm
Height 1645 mm 1622 mm
Boot Space 433 Litr 430 Litre
Wheelbase 2610 mm 2610 mm
Tyres 16 Inch, 17 Inch 16 Inch, 17 Inch
Ground Clearance 190 mm 190 mm

As can be seen that Seltos is Marginally Taller as against Creta in looks which makes a difference for better Stance on road.


Driving Difference: Although Engine - Transmission Perspective is similar but Hyundai Creta comes with Soft Suspension and in city drive quality feels more Plush. Even Steering feels more light to hold. For those looking for Plush Soft Ride, Easy to go on slight Bad Roads would love Hyundai Creta

Kia Seltos on other hand comes with Relative Stiffer Suspension and has superior High Speed Dynamics on Steering Wheel which weighs well. The Difference observed for those looking for better Handling on High Speed Dynamics. Care for even better Planted Car on Highway, Lesser Body Roll and a stance which matters better in SUV Car will prefer Kia Seltos.

So - here is very Important recommendation for you: A considerable difference in Ride, Handling experience is there, been you will be spending in good 5 years to 7 years (or even higher) with your next new car. Very important to experience a slight long ride especially by

  • Corners
  • Bad Broken roads
  • City Roads
  • High Speed

As both cars gives a very contrast experience in drive feedback feel. While Creta can feel more comfortable on low speed, plush ride when driven on controlled speed on bad roads and light steering in bumper to bumper traffic. Its Seltos which through stiff suspension feels better on corners, high speed feedback.

To be noted that - Power Pickup Delivery, Power Band is almost similar in both Cars and even end Fuel Efficiency too.



Space, Seating Comfort: Although Rear Seat Legroom Space is, In Cabin Width and Headroom is almost similar but in Seating Comfort Hyundai Creta leads marginally - somehow Creta has more Comfy and Soft Seat which feel more Plush for Short Rides as against marginally firm seat in Seltos. Also rear seat Under-thigh support is marginally better. 

Again Seltos Firm Seats are better for long distance drive. For anyone who has slight orthopaedic problem would prefer firm seats of Seltos for better comfort especially on long distance travel



After Sales Service Maintenance: Hyundai has a definite edge with bigger after sales service network and has superior managed network. 

But Scheduled Service cost of both Seltos and Creta are not much different. Average Annual Service cost would be in range of 

  • Rs 5500 to 6000 for Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos 1.5 Petrol
  • Rs 6000 to 6500 for Turbo GDI
  • Rs 6500 to 7000 for 1.5 Diesel Model



Looks, Interiors: Although is subjective but if you consider Exterior Looks then Kia Seltos somehow to view looks more Sporty, more Premium with Crown Jewel Light Pattern has better SUV Stance been car taller and feels more upmarket in Exterior Looks

Kia Seltos IVT Automatic Ownership Review. Seltos Petrol Auto Gear Box Feedback from Owners 

In Interiors - somehow Creta has marginal Edge in Interior Aesthetics and feels more upmarket in Interior Aesthetics. Even as referred Soft Plush Seats and a neat Dash layout feels more upmarket in Creta


Other Key Differences in Favor of Hyundai Creta

  • Has ESP in Creta Sx Manual, IVT Petrol Automatic which is what missing in Kia Seltos. ESP is a very essentially safety feature, which can make a difference in emergency situation to steer the vehicle without loss of control on sudden turns in conjunction with Vehicle Stability Control
  • Wide Opening Panoramic Sunroof in Sx and higher up Variants - although use of Sunroof in Indian Road conditions is gimmick but still a Plus Point in Creta as Proud Happy Owner Feel. No one will mind having a bigger sunroof as against Smaller Electric Sunroof in Seltos
  • Creta Ex Model at 9.99 Lakh (basis present Exshowroom prices) are better equipped in Features as against Seltos HTE Petrol at 9.89 Lakh (basis present Exshowroom prices) in terms of offering - Electric Adjustable ORVM as against Internal Adjustable ORVM in Seltos. Also Creta comes with 8 Inch Touchscreen with Android Auto, Apple Car Play as against 2 Din System in Seltos HTE
  • Seek 1.5 IVT Petrol Automatic or 1.5 Crdi Diesel Manual (without Moving to GT Line) then Creta is offered in Sx Option Trim offering 6 Airbag Safety with even higher up features which is what missing in Seltos


Other Key Differences in Favor of Kia Seltos

  • Kia Seltos HTK Plus Model as against Creta S Model is higher up loaded in Features with Alloy Wheels as against Stylized Steel Wheel in Creta S. Also has DRL and Power Fold ORVM Feature and top of it Seltos HTK Plus still is priced upto Rs 15,000 lesser in On Road Price against Creta S Model. Also to view Creta S is overpriced basis features and Price Difference. 
  • Dont have craze for Bigger Sunroof but better comfort for Passenger well Seltos HTX Model is offered with Smart Air Purifier which makes a differentiation in heavy Pollution Scenario. Also Seltos offered with Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, Auto Dim IRVM Mirror which what makes a Differentiation for better safety
  • Care for a Diesel Automatic but for not something to exceed budget all the way well Creta Diesel Automatic available in top of line trim priced from Rs 15.99 Lakh, while Seltos Diesel Automatic available from Rs 13.69 Lakh in HTK Plus Diesel Model

 Kia Seltos Prices, Model Variant Wise Features Detailed. GT, Tech Line


So Which SUV to Buy - Hyundai Creta or Kia Seltos

Choose Hyundai Creta Ex if seeking

  • Soft Ride
  • Plush Interiors
  • Urban SUV for those who do not often go for long trips
  • ESP as important Safety Element especially the fact that emergency do not knock before coming
  • Panoramic Sunroof

Choose Kia Seltos if seeking

  • Better SUV Kind Driving Dynamics
  • Better Highway Cruiser
  • More Stylish Car in Exteriors
  • Seating on Firm side which is better suited for People with Back Problems but required to do long trip
  • If care less for Sunroof then Seltos HTX Offers better convenience with Air Purifier, TPMS


Recommended Value Buy Variants

  • Hyundai Creta Ex Petrol, E Diesel as against Seltos Base Model
  • Kia Seltos HTK Plus Petrol, Diesel as against Creta S Model
  • Choose anyone in between Creta Sx or Seltos HTX basis Feature Differences
  • Seltos HTK Plus Diesel Automatic
  • Creta Sx Option, Seltos GT Line
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Important: If you seek advise or recommendation, pls raise query in Car Forum instead of posting in comments


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Guest - Vivek Shivhare on Friday, 09 October 2020 15:11


I am little bit confused about Creta and Kia Petrol,my plan was to purchase Creta EX Petrol but recently Hyundai has increased the price of Creta EX Petrol model , approx 61K and on road price would be increased by 70k-80k , please suggest creta ex petrol is worth to buy now? or i need to go for kia HTK or HTK plus petrol?


Hello, I am little bit confused about Creta and Kia Petrol,my plan was to purchase Creta EX Petrol but recently Hyundai has increased the price of Creta EX Petrol model , approx 61K and on road price would be increased by 70k-80k , please suggest creta ex petrol is worth to buy now? or i need to go for kia HTK or HTK plus petrol? Thanks, Vivek
Wednesday, 27 January 2021

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