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No Stepney Spare Tyre from 2023 in Cars. Road Ministry Announcement

No Stepney Spare Tyre from 2023 in Cars. Road Ministry Announcement

A big change announced by Transport Ministry where it states that no need of Stepney Tyre in car if provided with Tyre Repair Kit and Tyre Pressure Monitoring System


No Stepney Tyre from 2023

Ministry of Road Transport and Highway made a major change in Central Motor Vehicle Rule Act. As announced in same

  • If a Car Manufacturer provides Tyre Repair Kit
  • Provides Tyre Pressure Monitoring system in Car

then Stepney Tyre would no longer be a mandatory requirement as the basis seen in International level.

Although Ministry of Road Transport and Highways must have taken in consideration a number of factors, but we at MyCarHelpline have 3 concerns on same with a Recommendation


Concern 1

Is it going to be a Lowline Tyre Pressure Monitoring or Highline Tyre Pressure Monitoring ?

Reason - In Lowline Tyre Pressure Monitoring - it will illuminate an alert in instrument cluster about Low AIr Pressure in one of the tyres where air pressure falls by 25% over standard tyre pressure. However, it wont display which tyre is impacted. During Night Drive, it would be slight difficult to find the tyre with low air pressure

While in Highline TPMS - Tyre pressure of all 4 Tyres are displayed and is rather a better way to find if air pressure reducing in a tyre


Concern 2

Indian Roads are much different from roads in Europe, America. There are still potholes, poor built roads and villages where other than Puncture is a possibility of Tyre burst also. The Vehicle owner in lack of Stepney can be stranded on road if one of the tyre is bursted.


Concern 3

Been Indian Road conditions are different from European Roads - hence Puncture probability is higher. Most of the Lady Drivers or Senior Members of family may not be comfortable with Puncture Repair on own. Would it easy to find out a small puncture on Own and then repair same ?


Our Recommendation: If need to stepney tyre is ignored in Indian road conditions then make it a mandate to provide Run Flat Tyres by Manufacturer which can take Owner for a distance for 150 Kms even after tyre is punctured.

Also, Highiine Tyre Pressure Monitoring system is a recommended scenario as against Lowline Tyre Pressure Monitoring system

Else it would be slight difficult from Vehicle Owner perspective to remain without Stepney Tyre.

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Sunday, 29 January 2023

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