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MG Hector Plus Vs Hector. Top 5 Differences with Best Value Buy

MG Hector Plus Vs Hector. Top 5 Differences with Best Value Buy

MG Hector Plus Compared against Hector. Know why Hector Plus is a Better Choice against Hector Car with Key Differences Explained


MG Hector Plus Vs Hector

Considering MG Hector which essentially is a Spacious 5 Seater, and confused on launch with fact that Hector Plus is a 6 Seater One. Well there are other Differences too apart from Seating Configuration which need to be factored in from Buyer perspective


1. Features: MG Hector Plus gets Higher Features Variant to Variant Wise against MG Hector essentially

  • Full LED Headlight Standard in Style Petrol of Hector Plus against Halogen Projector in Hector 
  • Full LED Tail Light against Part LED in Hector
  • LED Front Fog Light and Rear Front Fog Light available in Hector Plus Style Petrol, missing in Hector Style
  • Chrome Finish in Front Grille against Silver Finish (Style, Super Petrol)
  • Cornering Front Fog Light as Standard Safety which is missing in Style Edition

Also in Top Models of Smart and Sharp - Hector Plus gets more Features

  • Although Hector also comes with PU Art Leather Seats in Smart and Sharp Model, but Hector Plus comes with Premium Smoked Sepia Brown Leather which feels more Upmarket (Smart, Sharp)
  • Foot Activated Auto Tail gate Opening (Swipe Feature)
  • Next Gen ISmart



2. Seating: MG Hector Plus Focusses for Utmost Comfort for 2nd Row Passenger. 

  • Captain Seats with Individual Armrest which are more Comfortable against Bench Type Seat
  • If you have family of 4 Members and travel not more than 4 at a time then Hector Plus can offer best Comfort 
  • You can recline in 2nd Row Seats to even higher degree in Hector Plus as against MG Hector

But, pls note that Hector Plus 3rd Row is very 

  • Cramped with Limited Under-thigh Support 
  • Also 2nd Row Seats are not One touch Tumble down. For Kids may be ingress okay, but for senior members - its not the best


3. Updated Next Gen ISmart: ISmart Touchscreen System gets next generation update in Hector Plus which is more fluid and comes with Smat Swipe Feature. 


4. Slight More Upmarket: Slight more Upmarket with even Bigger chrome Grille, New LED Headlight Design, Revised Bumper and Tail Light and yes Interiors in Top End Models Smart and Sharp with Premium Smoked Sepia Brown Leather feels more upmarket and Plush against Hector


5. Price Difference: Very Marginal Price Difference in Hector and Hector Plus. See the Price Difference

Prices Hector Plus

Style Petrol

Rs. 1273800

Style Petrol

Rs. 1348800

Super Petrol Rs. 1353800 xx xx
Smart Hybrid Petrol Rs. 1523800 xx xx
Automatic Rs. 1593800 DCT Automatic Petrol Rs. 1664800
Sharp Hybrid Petrol Rs. 1653800 Sharp Hybrid Petrol Rs. 1728800
Style Diesel Rs. 1388000 Style Diesel Rs. 1443800
Super Diesel Rs. 1488000 Super Diesel Rs. 1564800
Smart Diesel Rs. 1632800 Smart Diesel Rs. 1714800
Sharp Diesel Rs. 1772800 Sharp Diesel Rs. 1853800

Ex-showroom Prices Delhi.

Do note that these are Limited Period Inroductory Offer Prices for Hector Plus for all Bookings done and Prices subject to a revision then in.



  • No Difference in After Sales Service Maintenance
  • 5 Year Warranty + 5 Year Labor Free Service + 5 Year RSA
  • Prepaid Maintenance Package starts at Rs 8000 for 3 Years
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