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Honda City 2020 : 5 Negatives which no one else will tell

Honda City 2020 : 5 Negatives which no one else will tell

Honda City 2020 is Longer, Wider, Improved Dual Overhead Cam in Ivtec Engine and Improved Features, But here are 5 Negatives of New City which no one will tell


Honda City 2020 : 5 Big Negatives

Honda City 2020 is right here which is

  • Longer, Wider been more Spacious
  • More Stylish in Exteriors and Upmarket in Interiors
  • Improved 1.5 Litre Engine in DOHC Setup - Gem of Engine get even better
  • Improved Ride Quality in City Drive condition by soften up Suspension
  • Better Safety with Vehicle Stability Assist, Hill Start Assist
  • Connected Car Solution
  • Improved Fully Loaded Safety - ABS EBD, 6 Airbags, Vehicle Stability Assist, Hill Start Assist, Lane Watch Camera
  • Lot Better Low End Response due to DOHC Setup

Certainly you will find this Car Reasonably Impressive. But - there are 5 Drawback which are hidden in Car and need to be known by Buyer before putting up a Moolah of 15 Lakh or even higher


Handling Dynamics : Care to understand what Handling is - well drive a similar priced Car like Volkswagen Vento TSI or a SUV like Kia Seltos - you can well understand the difference in Handling in terms of

  • Suspension for Enthu Drive
  • Tyre Profile
  • Steering Feel and Feedback

Do i need to tell you anything more. Care for a Enthusiastic Car with a Impeccable Ride Quality, Handling - the segment still has cars like Volkswagen Vento TSI, Skoda Rapid and Kia Seltos to deliver you possibly a better combination.

Dont Miss to check out Body Roll on Corners while checking in all New City. Best to Experience Car and yes Competition Cars back to back to judge an Inference

Tyres: Come on Honda you got a Gem of Engine, IVtec engine Performance is undoubtedly the benchmark in segment - even better than Turbo Petrol Engine coming in segment and has descent 2 Tone Alloys but look at the Tyre Profile - does R16 185/55 even suit a car of this gesture

Seems Honda considered Fuel Efficiency a preference rather than giving fatter tyres for a better stance and superior grip. In one word - The wheels are awkwardly small to the proportions of the car.


Diesel Engine: Spending a Moolah of over 15 Lakh On Road and looking for a Diesel Car, well Engine NVH is definitely been improved by Honda but stumped with the fact that City Diesel is available with same 1.5 Litre IDtec Diesel Engine as used in Amaze of just 99 BHP Power. You possibly needs better as City Diesel, 5th Generation Prices would almost touch in to zone of Diesel Powerhouse Cars like

  • XUV500 W5 and W7 Model
  • Tata Harrier XM Model would not be far away in Price against Honda city Zx Diesel
  • Hyundai Verna Diesel Automatic would be available at a price in which City Diesel in Manual Transmission


Misses on Features as Offered by Competition: Yes, New Generation City is a fairly descent Fully Loaded Car and you are bound to be impressed with Features but  

  • Does New Gen City comes with All 4 disc Brakes ? No
  • Does New Gen City Offers Ventilated Cooled Seats ? No
  • Does New Gen City Offers Electric Driver seat ? No

Yes New Gen City comes with Tyre Pressure Monitoring System - but is a Low Air Pressure System, Implies it wont show you the Air Pressure at all Times. Will only trigger Illuminated Warning Alert in Instrument Cluster if Tyre Pressure falls below a specified Limit


Competition from SUV Segment: Well - City although an Icon, but the changing trend towards SUV Segment and the fact that Price Difference in between 

  • City VMT Petrol against Creta Ex Petrol and Seltos HTK Petrol
  • City Vx Petrol against Seltos HTK Plus Petrol, Nissan Kicks XV Premium Turbo and Fully Loaded Top of Line Models of Ecosport S Petrol, XUV300 W8 Option Petrol
  • City Zx Petrol against Prices of Creta Sx Petrol and Seltos HTX Petrol
  • City CVT Automatic Prices also in Price Zone of 14 Lakh On Road Delhi to close to 17 Lakh On Road Delhi would definite need a deep thought to put money on a Sedan Car with Full of Competition Models across

It will not be easy for New City to simply emerge in Winner

Dont miss Affodable Mid Sedan Cars like Skoda Rapid Rider, VW Vento Comfortline after Discounts, Maruti Ciaz and even for that matter Yaris J CVT which are priced much low against New City.

Rest - the Design of Car carries your Verdict in looks and what you feel and whats your Opinion on it.  

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Important: If you seek advise or recommendation, pls raise query in Car Forum instead of posting in comments


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Guest - Nandeesh on Thursday, 02 July 2020 23:20

There I've and only true car website in entire India... Sorry i mean entire world

There I've and only true car website in entire India... Sorry i mean entire world
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