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Top 4 Car Care Tips during LockDown to Prevent Problems later on

Top 4 Car Care Tips during LockDown to Prevent Problems later on

Know Top 4 Car Care Tips you need to ensure during Lockdown Period. How to Prevent Battery, Tyre & Fuel Contaminate Problems from Car


Care Care Tips

Its been exactly a week when LockDown was announced in India by Prime Minister Modi and still has 2 more weeks to go. While you are at Home and protecting yourself from Pandemic, your Precious Asset Car needs some care too

Here are Top 4 Things to do to ensure your Car in Best of Condition


Drive within Society Compound by taking 4 to 5 rounds or Idle Start

As the lockdown is of 21 Days, and if you have not started or driven car then have to have Drive Car Once by 10th Day (even within Society Complex) by taking few rounds or let idle start for 7 to 8 Minutes and move Car Forward and Reverse too and Rotate Steering too.

You can even turn on AC to ensure AC Refrigerant flows. This gives 4 major Benefits to Car

  • Been Cars are Mechanical in nature and remains in best of condition when driven been Lubrication happens to Car Components. Even for AC turning on it helps the Refrigerant and Compressor Oil Circulation in AC without hardening the hoses.
  • Your Car Battery would also get charged up to a considerable extent.
  • Prevent Contact Pitch of Tyre to turn rigid at same point
  • Let Prevent Fuel Contamination too as without Moving a Car, possibilities of Fuel Contamination can also occur 


Park it just by Putting Gear in Reverse in Manual Transmission

No need to engage any Hand-Brake if Parking for Longer period of time. You can simply Park Car by putting gear in Reverse Gear in Manual Transmission . Automatic Transmission Cars - nothing needs to be done as they Parked in Park Mode only.

Do note that at most of locations is downward slope hence is Reverse Gear recommended. However, if in rare scenario has uphill slope then can park in First Gear.

Engaging Hand Brake for long period of time can let Brake Pads sticking to Disc. So no need to engage Hand Brake for Long Period of time during this Lockdown Period

Check to Wash & Clean Exteriors if Parking Car in Open

Especially, for Car Owners who Park Car in Open Area - ensure to get it Washed and Cleaned. There may be a possibility of bird droppings on the car which are acidic in nature and if left unattended to clean for many days can cause crack type visibility on Paint Surface of Car

Do note that if Car Paint damaged due to Bird Dropping it wont be covered under Car Warranty too. So, if you Parking Car in Open may put a Cover or Get it Cleaned on Periodic Basis. For those Parking Car in Shade are in advantage situation here 


Protecting Car from Rodents

But, if there are Rodents in your Parking place you can keep Kapoor (camphor) essentially available in every home by putting some in bonnet, some under neath the car as its strong smell will definite keep rodents away.


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