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Delhi Lock Down. Sec 144 Curfew Passes, Border Seal, Fines

Delhi Lock Down. Sec 144 Curfew Passes, Border Seal, Fines

Delhi Lock Down Updates with Section 144 Imposed along with Curfew Passes Border Sealed with No Taxi, No Metro and Fines on Vehicles without Authorized Passes


Delhi Lockdown Update - 24th March 2020

As you aware that a Lockdown in Place in Delhi with Section 144 Imposed in Delhi. Here are some Important Updates needs to be in consideration basis 23rd March Evening Updates

1. No private vehicle allowed on road in Delhi except with Duly Authorized Pass. 

2. People, who are employed in Private Organisation and engaged in Essential Services in NCR Region. There respective Organisation shall seek Curfew Passes from Office of DCP in which Organisation is located. 

3. Government Officials, who are engaged in essential Services will be permitted to be allowed to Drive on Delhi Roads on the basis of ID Cards

4. For Employees of Private companies, to whom essential services is outsourced by Government, the movement shall be permitted on the basis of ID Card and Authorization issued by Government Organisation

5. Section 144 is been imposed in Delhi with no Vehicles allowed to be entered in Delhi from all neighboring cities, states even with Delhi Number except those with Authorized Passes and in Essential Services.

6. Any Private Car found Plying on Delhi Road without Curfew Pass (essentially Authorized Pass) would be subject to fine

Notice Issued by Commissioner of Police: Delhi

7. All Transport services - Trains, Metro, Interstate Buses, Taxis, Autos are been restricted without any movement till 31st March 2020. Even a ban imposed on Domestic Airport in Delhi for all Flights till 31st March 2020

As a Final Word from ACP - Have a little patience. We will ease emergency facilities gradually. Please cooperate for the time being.

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