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Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Vs Aura. Top 5 Differences for Best Value

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Vs Aura. Top 5 Differences for Best Value

Confused in Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Hatchback and Aura Compact Sedan. Know Best Value Buy with  Top 5 Differences Explained in Aura, Grand i10 Nios


Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Vs Aura

Although, both Grand i10 Nios and Aura are essentially Same Cars with

  • Same Engine Mechanical
  • Exactly Similar In Cabin Seating Space, Width, Headroom
  • Same Platform, Same Safety, Build, Driving Dynamics

The Difference on face of it is One been 2 Box - Hatchback and other is 3 Box - Sedan Version of Car with Bigger Boot Space.

But - there are 5 Key Differences in between Grand i10 Nios and Aura which needs to be known before you choose one


Interiors - Dash Layout

Although Dash Layout, AC Vents, Steering Wheel, Instrument Cluster, Gear Stick, Touchscreen, Dual Tone Grey Interiors - everything remains same in between Aura and Grand i10 Nios - but Hyundai Aura Dashboard Layout has a Chocolate Type Satin Bronze Honeycomb theme which personally does not appeal as against clean Grey Honeycomb theme in Grand i10 Nios

What do you Say ? Not only in Pictures, but even in real life too - Nios looks more Clean in Dashboard layout.

1st Pic of Aura, 2nd Pic of Grand i10 Nios

Thankfully, Hyundai India got things corrected in Aura Turbo where theme is similar to Grand i10 Nios with Red Accents 



Although Hyundai Aura is a Sedan with been relative longer at 3995 mm against Grand i10 Nios been at 3805 mm, but considering overall proportions basis same Height, same Tyre Profile - the Exterior Proportions looks lot better in Grand i10 Nios against Hyundai Aura

Look at Aura 'C' Pillar and Alloy Wheel Design. It just doesnt impress in Proportions as what Hyundai Grand i10 Nios does,

Even from Rear Profile too it just looks too Blinge

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Price to Features

Now Price to Feature Comparison

  • Grand i10 Nios Magna (5.87 Lakh) Vs Aura Base E (5.8 Lakh)
  • Nios Sportz (6.43 Lakh) Vs Aura S (6.55 Lakh)
  • Nios Asta (7.18 Lakh) Vs Aura Sx (7.3 Lakh)
  • Nios Sportz+ Turbo (7.58 Lakh) Vs Aura Sportz+ Turbo (8.55 Lakh)
  • Fully Loaded Aura Sx Option at 7.86 Lakh

Why in the World will you Buy Aura, when Design, Interiors, Proportions looks better in Nios and yes offers superior Features in same Price with

At Just Rs 28,000 higher than Aura Sx - you get similar Features in Performance Oriented 1 Litre Turbo Engine of Nios which has Unmatched Power Pickup Performance. 


Where Hyundai Aura Leads

In just 2 Things, 

  • Cruise Control Feature
  • Bigger 402 Litre Boot Space as against 260 Litre Boot in Nios

Cruise Control as a Feature, considering Indian Road Conditions can be of Utility on Limited Roads. So, essentially with Aura you pay up higher for Awkward Design in Exteriors, Some Overdone Satin Bronze theme in Interiors and essentially lesser features in same price as against Better Proportioned, Clean Interior Grand i10 Nios with Superior Features just for sake of Boot Space


Recommendation - Nios or Aura

Unless you have a strong reason to just make Boot Space as Differentiating Factor - Avoid Aura, and yes Grand i10 Nios is what a better Car for your Requirement.

Else, may check out Aura Turbo for sake of same Design as in Nios but with add on Cruise Control Feature.

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