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I am planning to buy Maruti WagonR Lxi CNG model. Let me know if this is the right decision. I got the feedback that CNG model is giving good milege around 22 kmph. I need your advise also.
Dealer has offered me 17000 cash discount + corporate discount 6000. Is there any other discount i can ask from dealer that can be negotiated with dealer.
For loan i have HDFC\AXIS Bank - 11.50 Fixed loan offer approved. But i want to go for SBI car loan but this is floating rate. Please suggest which loan option to opt.
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    Wednesday, June 13 2012 - #Permalink
    Hi Parichay,

    If you looking for CNG - Probably WR Lxi CNG is one of the best hatch which is available. Comes with Factory Fitted CNG - WR has K Series 1 Lit Engine delivering 67 BHP Power and has all basic key features - Power Steering, Front Door Power Window, Manual Central Lock, Dual Tone Interiors. Fuel Efficient, As per ARAI standards, WR CNG gives mileage of 26 Km/Kg of Gas. However - for all practical reasons you can expect it in between 18-20 Km/Kg for a city like Delhi traffic.

    In terms of discounts - Current Manufacture Scheme is Rs. 17K Cash + Music System + Rs. 3K as Corporate. If you getting 6K - that means dealer is parking his own contribution to jack up corporate. Seems a fairy good deal

    For loan - if your application is through @ 11.5%, will recommend personally to avoid to switch to other bank for sake of 25bps if your tenor is 36 months. But yes - if you anticipate a lower interest rate regime in next 1-1.5 yr and your proposed loan tenor is of 5 yrs - it may well be worth to try with SBI (probably you may save much if your anticipation of interest rates comes true).

    For Calculation Purpose
    A 25bps rate reduction save Rs. 11-12 / Lac . Taking 3 Lac Loan for 36 Month can save you Rs. 1000-1200 for 3 year Loan and Rs. 1700-1800 approx for 5 year loan in terms of EMI outflow savings.

    But - bigger impact is of Advance EMI - Are you paying it. Then you are at much loss. You can refer below article
    Tips to Save Money on New Car - Read this Article

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