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Though my running is 1000 to 1200 kms a month - but Ford Figo Titanium Diesel is costing me even lesser than Swift Zxi Petrol - thanks to discounts. Been Running Costs will be lower in Diesel - is Figo Titanium a Good Buy over Swift Zxi

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    Wednesday, October 29 2014 - #Permalink
    Well - before commenting which car to buy - hope you have gone through the differences

    Design and Space Factor
    Swift Plus
    a) Ford Figo is a low stance car, while Swift is considered in a Tall Car Category - It impact the seating position
    b) Ingress and Egress is much easier in Swift as against Figo - if you have Elderly in Family. Also Rear Seats do not have Adjustable Restraints - as which is there in Swift
    c) People with 6 Feet Height will find Swift to be more spacious - especially with the Fact that Swift has much better Headroom Space

    Figo Plus
    a) Figo Boot Space is Practically the best you can think in the segment and Swift has almost the lowest - Figo has good 1/3rd extra boot storage
    b) Rear Seat Legroom - yes Figo has long wheel base and if its legroom to sit comfortably - Figo is the best

    All New Swift Zxi looks better advanced in Features List -
    > Push Button Ignition,
    > Bigger 15 Inch Alloys (as against 14 inch in Figo),
    > Automatic Climate Control,
    > 60:40 Split Seats in Swift - missing in Figo
    > Power Retractable ORVM and yes
    > Fog Light in both Front & Rear (Figo comes with Front Fog Light)
    > All 4 Door Power Window (Till Date - Ford Figo does not come with Rear Power Window)

    Figo Plus
    > Option to add Wifi in Car - feature only available in Ford Figo
    > Swift has descent AC but Figo AC has always been a Chiller and considered Segment Best - For info Figo comes with 154cc Compressor - while Swift AC Compressor (exact number not available) but is around 120cc

    Interiors, Looks
    New Swift Interior Fabric, Looks, Aerodynamic Design - looks more appealing as against Figo
    To our view - In Interiors, Looks and Aesthetics - it appeals as a better car

    Drive and Handling
    Figo NVH Level (Noise & Vibration) Levels are relatively on higher side as against Quiet Swift Petrol Engine
    Clutch in Diesel Car is generally on firm side as against quiet a soft clutch in Petrol Cars

    W.r.t Drive, Handling, Suspension - Swift has set a standard for itself for been one of the best sporty car in the Segment. But when compared with a Diesel Car - its Figo Diesel which too looks well balanced - thanks to Steering Dynamics, Smooth Gear Shifts and Pep Produced by Diesel Engine. - Both Cars have there own Wow Factor

    Fuel Efficiency
    Probably - thats the biggest reason - you are considering Figo Diesel - so as to save on Fuel Costs
    New Swift Fuel Efficiency has improved and considering price Gap (@ Rs. 10 a Litre) - expect Fuel Savings of 50 paise per Km with Figo Diesel as against Swift Diesel

    So - if you drive around 12,000 kms a year - expect Figo Diesel to save you around Rs. 6000 in terms of Fuel Costs as against Swift Petrol.

    Hope it should help you in making a choice between Swift Zxi and Figo Titanium.

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