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What are the difference between newly launched Hyundai Elantra 2012 and Fluidic Verna Diesel. Both cars have similar engine - is it worth to spend 4-5 lakhs extra to buy Elantra - which has same engine and features as that of verna
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    Sunday, August 19 2012 - #Permalink
    Hello Mr. Goyal,

    Hi - Ofcourse - there are hosts of differences.

    Differences between Elantra and Fluidic Verna
    The biggest is Fluidic Verna is Mid Sedan and Elantra is Executive Sedan - its like C Segment and C+ Segment car comparison.
    To put it back on papers in black and white - the differences between Fluidic Verna and Neo Fluidic Elantra in Diesel Segment are :-

    - New Elantra is much more spacious than Fluidic Verna
    Length - 4530mm against 4370mm of Verna, Width 1775mm against 1700mm of Verna, Wheelbase of 2700mm against 2570mm of Verna. Also has Bigger Boot space (though not considerable by 20 Litre)

    Elantra has better leg room space, shoulder room and space inside cabin compared to Verna. Elantra is a premium brand compared to Verna

    - If you compare the fluidic looks, the fludic side lines of Elantra are much more bold and gives it better aesthetics against Verna. Elantra is considered as North American car of the year basis its beautiful looks and features

    - Elantra Interiors have better aesthetics with stylish interiors and comfortable seats as against Fluidic Verna

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    Tuesday, October 30 2012 - #Permalink

    what about pick up and weight comparision

    • Admin
      more than a month ago
      Hardly any difference observed in terms of pick up in Diesel. Could be due to the same engine with power n torque
      In weight comparison - the most approx figures is Verna should be 1200kg n Neo Fluidic Elantra around 1270 kg as body kerb weight.
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    Monday, January 27 2014 - #Permalink
    There is huge difference in both cors elantra is premium car and verna is just another car plastic quality of interior is poor in verna but in elantra is outstanding superb quality

    other difference is its music player elantra music quality is great no comparision with verna on the whole its not acceptable to compare elantra and verna . Elantra is surely a luxurious car and verna a simple sedan

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